Ed Sheeran’s “Bloodstream” Lyrics Meaning

Don’t let Ed Sheeran’s boyish looks fool you – this singer has had his own fair share of adult adventures, and he isn’t shy about putting them in song. So for instance this particular piece (“Bloodstream”) may read as if it is based on the singer being thoroughly inebriated, which he is. 

Furthermore, we learn that in this case he is compelled to resort to the “bottle” in search of a love which thus far has been unattainable. But of course we know that being drunk is not a viable substitute for having “a lover”. 

So all lyrics considered, what that rationale actually reads like is, shall we say Ed excusing his behavior on being depressed. Or let’s say that the vocalist has resolved to make the most of this occasion from a getting high standpoint. And this is even though he knows he’s venturing into the danger zone in that regard.

And this brings us to the event that this song is actually based on. Getting alarmingly drunk isn’t probably any major instance in Ed’s life, you know, not something that he would go as far as to drop a track about. But being wasted on ecstasy is. 

And what this narrative actually reflects is the first time he tried molly, while overseas attending a wedding in Ibiza. And as Sheeran has explained it, he didn’t take the pill straight but rather let it dissolve in alcohol, per the instructions of a friend. Furthermore, there are clues in the lyrics that he’s actually singing about something harder than booze. For instance, drinkers don’t usually refer to alcohol as “chemicals burning in the bloodstream’.

In Conclusion

The above said, it is clear, at least from a lyrical perspective, that whereas the singer may have his reasons for getting high like this, the experience of taking inebriation to this level is both edifying and concerning to him at the same time. And on that note, whereas Ed did admit to taking molly once and having an extra-memorable experience as a result, he also described it as “literally just a one-time thing”, i.e. something he would never do again.

NOTE: Hard drugs are extremely dangerous. They can be very fatal. We therefore use this platform to advise everyone to stay away from them! There are countless healthier and more productive ways to have fun or deal with the pressures of life. Drugs is never a solution to anything. Stay away from drugs, dear reader.

Lyrics to Ed Sheeran's "Bloodstream"

Facts about “Bloodstream”

This track was one of the singles from Ed Sheeran’s second studio album, which is simply entitled x (as in “Multiply”). The said project produced a number of hits including “Bloodstream”.

“Bloodstream” was released as the album’s fourth single, via Atlantic Records and Asylum Records. 11th February 2015 was its official date of release.

The producer of this track is actually American music mastermind Rick Rubin. And Ed wrote it in conjunction with Rudimental, a band from the UK.

Two other songwriters, (Gary Lightbody and Johnny McDaid) also own writing credits to “Bloodstream”. The latter two are members of another group (from Scotland) called Snow Patrol. And of course Sheeran himself is from the United Kingdom, having been born in England.

“Bloodstream”, as originally featured on “Multiply”, is a solo track. But on the single release, Rudimental also participated. And to note, the version featuring Rudimental also appears on their own album that came out a few months after x entitled We the Generation (2015).

So this song has two different chart histories. The original, solo version charted in over a dozen nations and achieved gold certification in Canada and Italy. However, it sorta faltered where it mattered most, on the UK Singles Chart. 

Meanwhile the remix featuring Rudimental reached number two on the said list. It also went double-platinum in the UK and Australia. Furthermore, it was more of a commercial hit stateside than its predecessor. Here, it went gold.

Ed Sheeran's "Bloodstream"

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