“Icon” by Jaden

On this track, Jaden is touting himself as being the titular “icon”. Therefore it is in fact a braggadocio song. But this isn’t a case where, like some of his other songs, he is bragging about being ridiculously wealthy, although his access to riches is definitely a subtheme. For instance, he notes that  he’s about to drop an independent movie and alludes to the idea that he has a Porsche, as well as him being on the verge of purchasing “new trucks”.

But what he is harping on the most is the fact that he has started his own “record label, MSFTS”. And at the time of the release of this track, they are, according to Jaden, “hot in the business”, meaning that his company is trending. Also he throws general jabs at other rappers whom he feels are corny or overrated, insinuating that he is about to take over the game.

There is also a romantic subtheme where Jaden is speaking of a lady who ‘broke his heart to the core’. It has been popularly speculated that said romantic interest is a model by the name of Sarah Snyder whom he dated for about a year from 2015 to 2016.

But all things considered “Icon” reads a lot like a freestyle, with Jaden more or less insinuating that it is such a track. He uses a lot of repetition and in-between jumps around on seemingly unrelated topics. But there is definitely a thesis sentiment. And that is not only is he blowing up but is also focused on maintaining such a trajectory, as in remaining an “icon” into the foreseeable future.

Lyrics of “Icon”

Facts about “Icon”

“Icon” is the fifth single from Jaden’s debut album, which is entitled “Syre”. The song was released as such on 17 November 2017 courtesy of Interscope Records, Roc Nation and  MSFTS Music.

Jaden wrote “Icon” along with its producers, OmArr and Chaos.

This song charted in the New Zealand, Canada and the US and in terms of the latter two countries has respectively been certified Gold and Platinum.

Jaden released a “Raggaeton Remix” of this track which featured his dad, Will Smith, as well as Nicky Jam.

“Icon” samples a song Cab Calloway (1907-1994) created almost a century ago entitled “The Hi De Ho Man”.

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