“NOIZE” by Jaden (ft. Tyler, The Creator)

This is a rap song premised on the idea of the artists bringing “the noise”, as in being loud, rowdy and opinionated. This is especially the case with Jaden, who in his first verse portrays himself as a party animal who is bound to cause chaos. He continues to present himself in such a manner, as someone who doesn’t give a “f**k” (thus conforming to his alter ego of “Erys”), while later in the song simultaneously alluding to his ridiculous wealth.

Meanwhile Tyler also presents himself as “a nutcase”, as in someone who has mental issues which need to be checked. Additionally, he brings up other subjects, but the main theme of his verse is actually his financial success. However, the most-notable part of his presentation is the fact that he directly addresses rumors that he and Jaden are gay and in a homosexual relationship with each other by basically saying the whole idea was a joke.

So overall, what we have here is two eccentric homeys dropping a track together. Jaden depicts himself as a wild child, with Tyler as being more introspective. And as a unit they are ready to “make the noise”.

The lyrics of Jaden's "NOIZE"

Release of “NOIZE”

Although Roc Nation (along with MSFTS Music) did not officially release “Noize” until the album it is featured on, Jaden’s Erys, dropped on 5 July 2019, they did advertise it as part of the playlist of ESPN’s coverage of the 2019 NBA Playoffs on 9 April. They also used the occasion to tease the release of the album.

Is this the first time Jaden is collaborating with Tyler, the Creator?

“Noize” marks the second collaboration between Jaden and Tyler, the Creator, after Tyler featured him on his 2017 track “Pothole”.

Creation of “NOIZE”

Jaden and Tyler contributed to the writing of “NOIZE”. In writing this song, the pair had assistance in the form of Omarr, Ayo the Producer and the track’s two actual producers, KeanuBeats and Keyzbaby.

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