Jaden’s “Riot” Lyrics Meaning

Honestly Jaden’s “Riot” reads a lot like a freestyle. The reason we say so is because throughout the track, Jaden appears to be more concerned with his flow than presenting a continuous, cohesive narrative. Having said that, there are still a couple of recurring themes which can be derived from “Riot”.

One is the rapper partying and chilling with his homeys who, despite appearing playful, can also wild out. Indeed Jaden even presents himself as somewhat of a bada*s who is tired of people making negative comments about him behind his back.

The second is the artist addressing a particular female, especially at the beginning and end of the track. And as with other material featured on Jaden’s album Erys, which “Riot” is a part of, it presents their relationship as being troubled despite his being deeply in love with her.

As for the aforementioned incoherence of the song, that may have been intentional as in being related to its name, “Riot”. In other words, what Jaden may be insinuating by the title is that his life is in some sort of state of disorder. This conclusion is based on not only his presenting his lifestyle as somewhat of a whirlwind (of chilling and partying), but also in the outro when he alludes to the idea that he and his companions are “lost”. And apparently, the aforementioned lady friend is his perceived remedy to prevent his overall descent.

Lyrics of "Riot"

Release Date of “Riot”

Roc Nation along with MSFTS Music released Jaden’s album Erys, which includes “Riot”, on 5 July 2019.

Writers of this song

Jaden wrote the song alongside Hugo Chan, who also assisted him with other tracks on the album. One such track is “Again” (which is the album’s lead single).

Meanwhile “Riot” was produced by New Zealand music producer YUKI, whose presence can also be felt throughout Erys.

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