“Summertime in Paris” by Jaden (ft. Willow)

Simply put, Jaden and Willow’s “Summertime in Paris” is a summer-themed love song. Or more specifically, it is a love song set in the summer, as the focus of the narrators’ lyrics is on expressing admiration for the addressees of the track, as in their respective romantic interests.

Jaden’s verses focus on what he appreciates the most about his summertime shorties. In the first verse he seems to value the way a certain lady encourages him. Meanwhile his second verse may be about a different woman who he refers to as a “centerfold” which, considering his social status, may actually be so. And with this one, he enjoys just chilling with her at home. Both of these situations read as if they may be fresh romances. And that brings us to the idea which dominates this song, which is that “summertime is meant to fall in love”. Throughout the song, the narrators make conscientious efforts to establish new romantic relationships during the summer.  

Willow’s Verse

Jaden’s little sister, Willow, also has her own verse in addition to serving as his backup in the song. She expresses love for a certain individual who she could not hook up with since they are “just homies”. But as alluded to earlier, this person serves a special role in her life, as he has the ability to ‘keep her from her dark place’, as in stave off depression and instability. She also states that now she ‘has her own place’, likely symbolizing that the singer is presently mature enough to embark on a romantic relationship with him.


So overall, as the chorus suggests, this track is about “fall(ing) in love”. The artists have some special individuals in their lives, and they want to take these relationships to the next level.  And obviously, “summertime” is the best time of year to do so.

Lyrics of "Summertime in Paris"

FYI, the word “Paris” is never mentioned in the lyrics of the song. But Jaden and Willow, being the A-list celebrities which they are, of course have spent time in that popular city.  In fact this song may actually be based on real-life events. However, it is also arguable that Paris, aka “the city of love”, is actually part of the title to symbolize just that – love.

Release of “Summertime in Paris”

Roc Nation in conjunction with MSFTS Music Group officially released “Summertime in Paris” on 5 July 2019. It appears on the 2019 album ERYS (which is Jaden’s second album).

Writing and Production Credits

Multi-faceted Asian entertainer Kris Wu performs, mostly in Chinese, the latter bridge of this song and is credited for providing additional vocals. He also gets co-writing credit along with Jaden and Willow. Others with writing credits on this collabo include Teo, Tyler Cole and the track’s two producers, Josiah Bell and OmArr.

Live Performances

Jaden premiered this song when he (and his sis) performed it live at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival on 12 April 2019. They later performed the track on the TV show The Ellen DeGeneres Show on the 7 June 2019.

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