“If The World Was Ending” by JP Saxe (ft. Julia Michaels)

“If The World Was Ending”, is premised on two singers (JP Saxe and Julia Michaels), who portray the role of exes, having mutually yet separately experienced an earthquake. That harrowing event causes them to imagine what they would actually do “if the world was ending”, i.e. an event transpiring where there is no coming back from. And the way they picture the scenario is that such a significant occurrence may actually have the power to bring them back together. 

Actually they realize that yes, they may have had valid reasons to call it quits in the first place. However, getting right down to the heart of the matter, it is pretty obvious that they still care about each other as when disaster (i.e. the earthquake) struck, one of their first reactions was to wonder what the other was doing. Moreover the chorus indicates that if the end of the world actually were to occur, they would prefer being in each other’s embrace as opposed to anywhere or anything else. 

So the best way of summarizing the lyrics are as expressing the sentiments of two lovers that have parted though never have nor likely ever will truly get over each other.

Lyrics of "If The World Was Ending"

What Julia Michaels has said about “If The World Was Ending”

According to Michaels, the lyrics are about a special person in your life you are separated from because of a misunderstanding or an issue. However, you’d swiftly run back to them (without letting anything holding you back) in the event the world was coming to an end.

What JP Saxe said also

Speaking to Genius, JP Saxe also shed some light on the song’s meaning. According to him, it is about a situation that would make every reason you have for not talking to a particular person in your life “no longer relevant”.

Song’s Inspiration

According to Saxe, the track was inspired by a 2019 earthquake in Los Angeles.

Writing Credits

JP Saxe wrote this song exclusively with Julia Michaels. The pair wrote and recorded the song in just a single day.

FINNEAS (who is best known for being singer Billie Eilish‘s brother) produced the song.

Release Date of “If The world Was Ending”

Arista Records released this song on the 19th of October, 2019. It was a single from JP Saxe’s second EP titled “Hold It Together”.

7 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    my life song

  2. Anonymous says:

    I love the song and there is a lot of emotion in it and well it is just so American I am speechless

  3. Jane in Spokane says:

    Amazing harmony. Beautiful at it’s core. Thank you guys for making this .It ‘s just one of many of your songs that I love and relate too. You got this Julia.



  5. Stephanie says:

    I have just recently separated from an ex. We were in love, no doubt, but due to mistakes I made and the differences between us, we thought it was best to split. It hurt, it still hurts. We will forever love each other and will never fully be over each other. We’ve sent this song to each other a countless number of times. It feels so real and it’s exactly how we feel. If the world really truly was ending, I would go back to him in a heartbeat, and he’d do the same. I will forever love you..

  6. Anonymous says:

    I like someone that lives in Canada and I live in Texas. I want to tell him but I don’t know how he feels. SOMEONE HELP ME, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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