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Heaven – The Sinful Allure of the Forbidden

At first listen, ‘Heaven’ by Julia Michaels might sound like a quintessential pop tune with its catchy beat and sultry lyrics. However, delve a little deeper, and you’ll find that beneath its melodic surface lies a complex narrative etched into the very heart of modern romance.

Issues – Unraveling Emotional Truths in Relationships

Julia Michaels’s breakout hit ‘Issues’ is a raw slice of emotional candor, exploring the labyrinth of a relationship where imperfections are not just acknowledged but embraced. The song, with its minimalist production and Michaels’s earnest vocal delivery, turns introspection into a universal dialogue about love, flaws, and the interdependence that binds us.

All Your Exes

“All Your Exes” by Julia Michaels

Julia Michaels is the master of dropping songs whose titles are misleading – the old art of misdirection if you will. And such is sort of the case with this track (“All Your Exes”) also. ...

Lie Like This by Julia Michaels

“Lie Like This” by Julia Michaels

The lyrics of Julia Michaels’ “Lie Like This” can be deceptively complex. Indeed we already know not to expect anything overly-simple from Michaels. But that being said, what actually seems to be going down here...


“17” by Julia Michaels

Julia Michaels’ “17” is a song which is premised on Julia fantasizing of a carefree romance between she and her lover. And this “dream” is based on them being “like they (were) 17”. That particular...

Hurt Again

“Hurt Again” by Julia Michaels

“Hurt Again” is a song celebrating love, with a strange twist which can only be handled by a master songwriter like Julia Michaels. In it, she takes on the role of someone who apparently is engaging...

Julia Michaels

“Falling for Boys” by Julia Michaels

Julia Michaels is a virtuoso songwriter who had established herself in that regard before starting her own career as a pop singer. And with that mind, there is a singular line – “I keep falling...