“What a Time” by Julia Michaels (ft. Niall Horan)

In “What a Time”, Julia Michaels and her friend/co-star Niall Horan play the role of two estranged lovers who are reminiscing on the days when they were together.

Julia starts off the track with a verse and chorus.  She states that it hasn’t been an extremely long time since she’s seen him. However, she can’t help but to think about him, including intimate details of moments they spent together. Indeed those days were very enjoyable – or as she puts it “what a time” it was for the two of them.

Niall’s recollections have a bit of a different tone. He expresses a sentiment of questioning the wisdom behind engaging in the relationship in the first place. Indeed he feels that it ultimately ended in an imperfect way. However, when he thinks back on the time they shared together, his mind excludes “all the bad parts”. Ultimately he expresses the same sentiment as Julia, that the loving times they spent in each other company and embrace was an amazing period in his life.

Facts about “What A Time”

  • “What A Time”, which features Nail Horan was produced by RKCB and Ian Kirkpatrick.
  • It was written by Julia Michaels, Riley Knapp, Justin Tranter, and Casey Barth.
  • The track was released via Republic Records on the 24th of January 2019 from the album Inner Monologue Pt. I.
  • Julia included this track on her setlist during Maroon 5’s Red Pill Blues Tour of 2018.

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