“I’m A B” by Hwa Sa

In the Western world, when a lady refers to herself as “a B”, that’s another way of proclaiming, excuse our French, that she in fact a b*tch. And such is how the phrase is for the most part used in the song “I’m A B” also. 

In fact disposition-wise this piece is based on the same type of ideology some female vocalists stateside may adopt, that they’re so focused on generating bread, i.e. being career-oriented, that at times that may make the people around perceive them as being unfavorable. Basically Hwa Sa isn’t afraid to go all-out in pursuit of her dreams, even if doing so offends some people along the way. 

But that said, this song is meant to serve the purpose of making amends with loved ones who may have been turned off by that characteristic.

And you will notice that this track’s proper tittle is actually I’m a 빛. As explained, 빛 is how you spell out the letter B in Korean. More specifically the character is pronounced bich, which is very similar to bi*ch and means, as elaborated by Hwa Sa, a “shining light”. 

So basically, the thesis expression is a double entendre. On one hand yes, the singer is verifying that she’s a determined bi*ch. But on the other, she’s also affirming she’s “savage”, “crazy”, “beautiful” and so forth. Simply put, she is someone who isn’t afraid to stand out and represent.

In Conclusion

As far as the English translation of this piece goes, we would presume, considering the way it the lyrics make out, that some readability has been lost in the process. But conclusively, perhaps the easiest way to define this outing is as a braggadocious track. 

Yes, the vocalist also displays some degree of humbleness and humility along the way. But at the end of the day, this is Hwa Sa’s way of letting the world know that she’s a boss chick. And it would appear that the vocalist intends to remain “a bi*ch” in the continued pursuit of her career goals.

Lyrics of "I'm A B" by Hwa Sa

Who is Hwa Sa?

Hwa Sa or Hwasa is a singer who made a name for herself as a member of the K-pop group Mamamoo, which has been around since the mid-2010s and went on to establish themselves amongst the premiere girl bands in South Korea. 

Hwa Sa began dropping music on her own in 2019 with a single entitled Twit and the following year came out with her debut EP, María

I'm A B

“I’m A B”

“I’m a B” was released on 24 November 2021, via a label called RBW, as part of her first single album (i.e. an EP featuring only two or three songs) called Guilty Pleasure.

Upon release, the music video to this track did quite well in terms of garnering YouTube views.

Hwa Sa gets writing credit for this song, alongside the following:

  • Hae Da Young
  • Park Woo Sang
  • Musikality
  • Simon Jonasson
  • Kristin Carpenter
  • Gustav Landell

And apparently, based on her own explanation of the tune, Hwa Sa did in fact serve as the primary author.

Hwa Sa explains the meaning of her song "I'm A B"

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    I’m so proud of her! She honestly inspires me every single time she drops her art! This was a good write up!

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