“Crowded Room” by Selena Gomez & 6lack

To begin with, “Crowded Room” is a love song. Selena Gomez and 6lack portray the role of lovers who only have eyes for each other. Therefore even when they are in a “crowded room”, the only person who garners their respective attention is one another. Or stated differently, it’s like the other people in the vicinity don’t even matter. 

So Gomez, who dominates the track lyrically, expresses what it is in particular she likes about this partner. And from her perspective, the situation reads as if they have a special rapport. She also implies that she may be deeply infatuated yet is so smitten with dude that she doesn’t even mind. So basically she is putting herself out there to receive his love, if he is likewise is willing to give. And based on 6lack’s verse, he is very much willing and prepared, especially from a monetary standpoint, to show how much he cares. And despite the fact he enters the story, to some degree, bragging about his wealth, at the end of the day the prevailing sentiment is that he is just as caught up in this lady as vice versa. 

So it can be said that the romance featured on this track is now in its early stages. But more to the point is that the two individuals involved are truly into each other.

Lyrics of “Crowded Room”

Facts about “Crowded Room”

Selena and 6lack have teamed up in the past, on a track called 24/7 in 2019. However, it appears as if that song was never actually released.

“Crowded Room” was produced by Sir Nolan along with Simon Says. The latter also wrote the song along with Simon Wilcox, 6lack and Gomez. Noted singer Bebe Rexha also contributed to the penning of this song. She is therefore credited as a co-writer.

This song came out, via Interscope Records, as part of Selena’s “Rare” album on the 10th of January 2020.

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