Imagine Dragons’ “Take My Heart Away” Lyrics Meaning

Perhaps the best way to describe the meaning of Imagine Dragons’ “Take My Heart Away” is by equating the word “heart”, which appears in the track’s title and chorus, with negative thoughts. In other words, we can see from the onset that Dan Reynolds is “feeling a certain way”. His mind is preoccupied with an upcoming therapy session, and he refuses to “check the news today”, knowing that the information there will be prove to be disheartening. Moreover he is not overly eager to learn of his professional diagnosis, since he already knows that his medical situation is “not okay”.

Thus he identifies the cure for what he is going through first and foremost as positive thinking. That is to say that he reflects on the past, looking for a “distant” yet uplifting memory to help him overcome this funk.

And later in the bridge, we are made privy to the fact that one of the sources of his depression is also his close associates. And the idea he puts forth in that regard is basically tantamount to the idea of them using him. As such, in addition to thinking more positively, another change the singer hopes for is a new set of friends who have “no expectations” of him.


So overall, the sentiment that Dan is expressing is one in which he seeks primarily a mental escape from his depression. Yes, there are interpersonal factors contributing to it also. But his perceived solution to these issues is not to be physically removed from his current location. Rather what he is asking to be taken away from him is his own negative thoughts and all of the varying drivers which contribute to the manifestation of such. Or perhaps the simplest way to put it is that the singer is seeking a new life, not literally but more on the psychological and social levels.

“Take My Heart Away” was created on Twitch

Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds created this song on Twitch. For those who don’t know what Twitch is, it is simply one of the biggest live-video streaming platforms out there. Reynolds created the song on his official Twitch channel on 18 August 2019.

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