“Stuck” by Imagine Dragons

“Stuck” is the title of a song released in 2018 by Imagine Dragons. The band’s lead singer, Dan Reynolds, starts this song by talking about how deeply he is still in love with someone after the passage of time.

As Reynolds carries on singing, we realize that the object of his affection is no longer with him. For some reason (which isn’t stated), Reynolds and his beloved have gone their separate ways.

In verse 2, Reynolds talks about how the departure of his dear one makes him feel as though he’s been “locked in a grave”. He begins the second verse of the song by asking his beloved why she went away leaving him lonely. He repeatedly asks her where she is before pleading with her to come back to him.

He concludes the song with the same words he began it with. Only this time around, he says it more repeatedly.

The lyrics of "Stuck"

Inspiration behind the song

The lyrics of “Stuck” are believed to stem from Reynolds’ 2018 separation from his wife, fellow American singer Aja Volkman.


Facts about “Stuck”

  • Dan Reynolds wrote “Stuck” with the other members of Imagine Dragons. Music producers Alex da Kid and Jayson DeZuzio are giving songwriting credits too on the track.
  • In addition to songwriting credits, DeZuzio and Alex da Kid also receive production credit on the track.
  • “Stuck” formally came out on November 16, 2018. It is the eleventh track on the band’s album Origins.

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