“In It” by A$AP Ferg (ft Mulatto)

In It” by A$AP Ferg featuring Mulatto was written by both artists as well as Joel Banks and Taylor Banks. As for the song’s production, producer Jae Roc handled it along with Francisco Ramirez. It was released on September 25, 2020 as part of Ferg’s 2020 album titled “Floor Seats II”.

The track begins with A$AP talking about mixing espresso with a shot of the alcoholic brand, Hennessey causing his brain to feel numb. He then describes how he invites a woman from Toronto to his place just to have sex with her in the kitchen. In the chorus however, the rapper mocks other people of a lower status, claiming that while they rent cars to show off, he has already owned them for a long time.

The second verse, delivered by Mulatto also speaks about her intimate encounter with a man, while boasting about her prowess in bed. She also makes mention of an instance where she may not be allowed at a place because of something illegal she may be carrying in her purse.

In short, both artists highlight that they are interested in simply having fun, living an extravagant life and boasting about their abilities.


“In It” centers on both rappers bragging about their vicious tendencies as well as the affluent lifestyle they enjoy.

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