“Dennis Rodman” by A$AP Ferg (ft. Tyga)

Dennis Rodman is a Hall of Fame basketball player who for a time was part of Michael Jordan’s dynastic Bulls’ team of the 1990s. Rodman is very eccentric and in his heyday especially was known as a controversial, even mischievous public figure. Also, considering that he was one of best and the most-popular players in the NBA he made a lot of dough. And relatedly in the chorus, Tyga is exclaiming that he’s “winning” and “sinning” like “Dennis Rodman”. 

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And in his own verse, ASAP Ferg also namedrops the Worm a couple of times. In both cases, it is basically pointing to the idea that he is just as successful in his endeavors as Rodman was on the basketball court. And with that being established, this song is of course of the braggadocious variety. And on top of establishing that they are in fact successful artists, the rappers display their aforementioned naughtiness by recounting different types of interactions with women for instance.


Facts about “Dennis Rodman”

The music video to this track was directed by a couple named Ivanna and Frank Borin.  And it features an appearance from Dennis Rodman himself.

Tyga and Ferg wrote “Dennis Rodman” in conjunction with the song’s producer, Pliznaya.  The two rappers have teamed up on a couple of tracks prior to this one.

This song was released on 25th of September 2020. It is part of Ferg’s “Floor Seats II”. It should be noted that the album’s title itself alludes to the NBA. Also the cover art to the album features Ferg’s hair painted blue, a sense of fashion which was likely inspired by Rodman. 

“Dennis Rodman” is one of the outstanding tracks from the “Floor Seats II” project. So are the following tracks:

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