“Chase the Money” by E-40 (ft. Quavo, Roddy Ricch, A$AP Ferg & Schoolboy Q)

As the title implies, “Chase the Money” is based primarily on the artists’ pursuit and more-particularly manifestations of wealth. Roddy Ricch and Quavo (the latter of the Migos) play the role of hype men, as they are responsible for the chorus. Meanwhile ASAP Ferg, Schoolboy Q and the lead artist, the timeless E-40, hold down the verses.

And again, from a lyrical standpoint this song is about the artists flaunting their wealth. This abundance of dough affords them jewelry, fancy cars, women and the wherewithal to drop tracks like this one.  Also, perhaps in an attempt to deter thieves from attempting to steal such away from them, they let it be known that they are about that ‘hood life. But by and large, while ASAP Ferg and Schoolboy Q particularly refer to gun-toting, the song ultimately finds its way back to its main themes of money, jewelry and women.

Lyrics of "Chase the Money"

Quick Facts about “Chase the Money”

  • This track was produced by St. Louis native CHASETHEMONEY, whom the song is named after. Meanwhile E-40 and the featured rappers wrote the lyrics themselves.
  • “Chase the Money” was released on 18 June 2019. 
  • It is the lead single from E-40’s album, Practice Makes Paper.

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