John Mayers’ “Daughters” Lyrics Meaning

On “Daughters”, John Mayer implies that the kind of love daughters receive from their fathers is the exact same one they grow to show men who come into their lives. As a result, he calls on fathers to take their paternal roles more seriously.

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The singer begins by talking about a girl he is in love with but can’t seem to figure her out. He realizes that the problem is not him, but the kind of upbringing and relationship she had with her father.

As the song suggests, children first learn how to love from their parents and will most likely follow the examples of those relationships when they grow up. Which is why the songwriter stresses on the importance of fathers showing love to their daughters so that when they grow, they can accept love from another good man.

He also advises mothers to be good to their children to establish the traits of gentility, a nurturing heart and the kind of support men always need in their lives.

John Mayer talks about “Daughters”

In 2011, John Mayer spoke about the inspiration behind this track. He revealed that he wrote it because he was frustrated seeing that a lot of beautiful women did not receive enough love from their fathers.


“Fathers be good to your daughters
Daughters will love like you do
Girls become lovers who turn into mothers
So mothers be good to your daughters too”


This Mayer classic centers on the interconnection between one’s childhood and one’s future relationships, particularly advising parents to love and nurture their daughters better.

Facts about “Daughters”

Mayer and his team officially released “Daughters” on September 28th, 2004. The song was a product of his studio project titled “Heavier Things”.

Mayer, explaining the inspiration behind “Daughters” mentioned on VH1’s Storytellers that he was in love with a girl who had trust issues because of her father. Her issues ultimately resulted in the failure of their relationship.

This song was partly inspired by a statement made by comedian Chris Rock. The statement in question suggested that fathers were responsible for keeping their daughters off the stripping pole.

As of 2013, this Mayer hit had sold more than 1 million copies in the United States alone. Around that same time, it also received double Platinum certifications from the RIAA and a Gold Certification from the ARIA.

The music video for the song was directed by Mario Sorrenti. It features an Australian actress and supermodel named Gemma Ward.

“Daughters” earned Mayer the prestigious “Song of the Year” award at 2005’s Grammys.

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  1. Joe martin says:

    I plan to use this song for the “Father Daughter ” dance for the 1st of my 4 beautiful daughters to be married this June
    Ali is also an artist who really does put the color inside of my world
    I’ve always thought this song is so accurate to its lyrics
    I’ve tried to live these lyrics since 1987…her birth year
    It’s us.
    Thank you John Mayer

  2. 🤫 says:

    I only wish my parents had listened to this song decades prior to it’s release, well, maybe it would’ve changed a few “heavier things” for myself. But I hear John’s message. I’m listening.

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