“Johnny P’s Caddy” by Benny the Butcher (ft. J. Cole)

The first verse of “Johnny P’s Caddy”, as held down by Benny the Butcher, serves as a means for the rapper to celebrate his success. As presented, his come-up is primarily the result of skill, persistence and the ability to keep it real. 

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It also reads as if midway through, Benny uses the opportunity to diss a certain unnamed rival(s) who fronts like he’s equally successful but in reality is just posing. And overall the vocalist proceeds to exhibit himself as a musician alright, though one whose character has been firmly developed by his previous street life.

J. Cole takes a similar approach of biggin’ up himself. But in Cole’s regard, his focus is more on the concept of being born superior so to speak, as in his destiny his birth being to become an influential rapper. 

And somewhat relatedly, the most outstanding feature of his verse is its various religious references. In relation to these religious reference, he makes mention of the likes of:

  • “God”
  • “Jesus”
  • “a Catholic preacher”

The latter of whom Cole is seemingly comparing himself to in his own regard to “collecting… bread”, i.e. money. But despite said shoutouts the passage is highly-braggadocious in nature, ultimately centered on J touting his own lyrical skills and success.

What is the meaning of “Johnny P’s Caddy”?

Meanwhile as reported by Genius, the “Johnny P” referred to in the title is actually Benny’s dad – someone who, via his Cadillac, encouraged the Butcher to go into music. Said figure and motor vehicle would also be apparently what graces the background of the cover art to this piece. But neither “Johnny P” nor his Cadillac are actually mentioned in the lyrics.

"Johnny P’s Caddy" Lyrics

Benny the Butcher

Benny the Butcher is a rapper from Upstate New York who’s down with a label located in the region, Griselda Records. Thus far he has put out a couple of studio albums, 2018’s “Tana Talk 3” and 2020’s “Burden of Truth”, the latter of which appeared on the Billboard 200 and broke the top 10 of the UK R&B Albums chart.

Facts about “Johnny P’s Caddy” 

With its issuance date of 28 January 2022, “Johnny P’s Caddy” marks the first time Benny the Butcher has teamed up with J. Cole, a more-established hip-hop artist who hails from North Carolina. The two vocalists are credited as the track’s writers, with its producer being The Alchemist.

This song, which was issued by Griselda Records, is the lead single from The Butcher’s “Tana Talk 4” album.

Johnny P’s Caddy

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