“Pretty Little Fears” by 6LACK (featuring J. Cole)

“Pretty Little Fears” is a track by American singer/rapper 6lack (6LACK). The song also features fellow American rapper/singer J. Cole.

In his verses, 6LACK raps mainly about a romantic affair between himself and a woman that didn’t work out well. Cole, on the other hand, uses his to talk about the beautiful union between himself and his wife.

FYI: Cole revealed in January 2016 that he and a woman named Melissa Heholt had gotten married. However, he didn’t mention when the marriage took place.

Pretty Little Fears lyrics

The chorus of “Pretty Little Fears”.

Facts about “Pretty Little Fears”

  • 4 writers, including 6LACK and Cole are given songwriting credits on this track. The other songwriters are Canadian record producer T-Minus and Austrian record producer/composer Jakob Rabitsch.
  • “Pretty Little Fears” was produced by T-Minus. It is noteworthy that throughout the course of his career, T-Minus has worked with greats such as Drake, Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne. Rabitsch also contributed additional production to the track.
  • The track came out on 14th September, 2018. However, a couple of days before it was released, 6LACK took to the social media platform Instagram and whet the appetite of his fans with a snippet of the track.


Is this the first time that 6LACK and J. Cole have worked together?

Yes. “Pretty Little Fears” marks the first time both rappers worked together.

Is there are an official music video for “Pretty Little Fears”?

Yes, there is. You can watch it here:


Which album can this track be found on?

“Pretty Little Fears” can be found on 6LACK’s album East Atlanta Love Letter. The album is the second studio album by 6LACK. It was released on 14th September, 2018.

Was this track released as a single?

Yes. It was released as a promotional single a few hours before the album on which it appears was released.

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