“Stick” by Dreamville, JID & J. Cole (ft. Sheck Wes and Kenny Mason)

In the ‘hood, the term “stick” is another way of saying gun. As such, what we’re basically dealing with here is a rap song centered on gunplay, i.e. various threats being levied at opps and what have you. With that in mind, the lyrics are generally braggadocious, as made most evident by the latter verses. For instance, Sheck Wes brags about his success in comparison to others and his ability to “steal a ni–a b–ch”. 

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And amongst his various musings, J. Cole lyrically points to the idea of being personally chosen by God to succeed. But that said, besides for some notable wordplay here and there, this is more or less your standard rap single, albeit possessing an exceptional verse or two.

"Stick" Lyrics

This track is from a project that Dreamville put out with Interscope Records called “D-Day: A Gangsta Grillz Mixtape” on 31 March 2022. 

The producers of “Stick” are Beat Butcha, AraabMuzik and Christo. Its writers are JID, Sheck Wes, J. Cole and Kenny Mason.

Dreamville is the name of the record label J. Cole, a rap star from North Carolina, co-founded in 2007. JID, a rapper from the ATL, has been one of his signees since circa 2017. And by the looks of things this is the first time that Sheck Wes, who comes from further up east (i.e. NYC), has collaborated with the Dreamville crew. However, Kenny Mason, also from Atlanta, appears to be an established collaborator of JID’s.

It was JID who first previewed this track, actually doing so back in October of 2020.


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