“Your Heart” by Joyner Lucas & J. Cole

“Your Heart” is a song based on the concept of tumultuous romance, a very well-worn topic in the music industry – but with a twist. For example, even though there are two vocalists only one of them, Joyner Lucas, is in a relationship herein. J. Cole, on the other hand, plays more of the role of an observer/advisor, who is chastising Joyner for spoiling his relationship with the woman he loves.

From the onset, it’s pretty evident that Joyner has feelings for his ex. But as revealed from the chorus leading into the first verse, by this time in their relationship communication between the two of them has basically been reduced to homegirl cursing him. And that is because, apparently Joyner did in fact prove to be “a dog” as rumored. And his actions have been such that even the addressee’s “mama and… friends” have also come to hate him.

Indeed most of the verse is not centered on the vocalist’s feelings but rather his ex’s reaction. And as depicted, being cheated on has resulted in homegirl going absolutely wild, ‘doing everything she never did’, to the dismay of the vocalist. And this includes, of course, open-ended bonking.  In fact Joyner speculates that, since she isn’t the type to actually sleep around with dudes, than his ex might just become a lesbian instead – giving us an insight the mentality of homosexual females, if you will.

J. Cole

Then, as stated earlier, J. Cole interjects from a different perspective. He used to be a knucklehead like Lucas, i.e. the type whose own extracurricular romantic actions would inspire his significant other to cheat on him. This is what is referred to in the song as a “f–k n—a”. 

And the way Jermaine sees it is as “karma”. In other words, a “f–k n—a” goes about cheating on his girl without taking into account her emotional reaction. But at the end of the day, when she decides to do the same, it’s like he’s rather in his feelings. 

So Cole is telling Lucas to take what he is currently going through as a lesson in unshakeable dismay learned – you know, when his ex doesn’t pick up the phone because she’s prolly out bonking some other dude – which is the direct result of his own doing.

What “Your Heart” is all about

Up until the final chorus of “Your Heart”, the only form of abuse committed by Joyner against his ex which actually seems to be directly alluded to is something like cheating. But said final chorus also introduces a concept like monetary shamming into the mix, i.e. he being reluctant to “spoil” his girlfriend, or let’s say value her like he should have. 

And what this all appears meant to boil down to is a concept like if you break a lady’s heart, there’s really no telling what direction she’ll go in next. But whatever direction that may be, it will by all means involve some dude, perhaps one who was lurking in the background the whole time. Or when you do see her – this woman who you’re still in love with – chillin’ with some other guy, then you don’t really have anyone to blame but yourself.

"Your Heart" Lyrics

Quick Facts

This track marks the first collaboration between rappers Joyner Lucas and J. Cole, with the former being from Massachusetts and the latter from (somewhat) nearby North Carolina. 

Both of their discographies date back to the late aughts. J. Cole may be considered the more successful of the two since he’s had a string of hits throughout the late aughts leading into the 2020s, on top of all six of the studio albums he dropped from 2011 to 2021 being Billboard 200 chart toppers. 

Meanwhile Joyner, despite having a couple of Grammy nominations under his belt, may be better known to some readers due to having well-publicized beef with other rappers like Tory Lanez and Logic.

Twenty Nine Music Group, a label that is run by Joyner Lucas, issued this track on 24 September 2021. And the speculation at the time is that it will be featured on one of his future albums. And to note, Lucas also directed the song’s music video.

Your Heart

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