“Jump Then Fall” by Taylor Swift

On “Jump Then Fall”, Tay Tay is addressing a romantic interest in the truest sense of the word, i.e. someone she is interested in getting with romantically. So in the present they are not actually together. Rather the lyrics focus on her basically admiring his physical attributes. 

And this is not only visual stuff like his hair and freckles but also even the sound of his voice over the phone, as well as his laughter. So it’s easy to ascertain that the vocalist is in fact smitten by the addressee. And accordingly in the choruses, she is encouraging him “jump then fall into (her)”. 

The act of ‘jumping’, in this context, would be akin to taking the leap of faith required to get the romance started. And ‘falling’, of course, is a reference to falling in love. So fundamentally, what she is telling him is something like don’t be afraid to fall in love with her.

And she further goes on to explain why in the bridge. For she is not only willing to serve as a lover but also a supporter. That is to say that she idealizes herself playing a role similar to being his shoulder to lean on. So when anything goes wrong in his life or whenever people do things to discourage him, which will inevitably transpire, she will be the one there to hold him up and make sure everything is okay. 

She will be sort of his shadow, if you want to put it like that. That’s because she will not only buttress him during the bad times but also share his happiness and triumphs during the good times. And all of this is because, once again, the vocalist herself ‘needs’ the addressee. 

All in all…

So it’s almost as if there are two different thesis sentiments to this song. First would be something like the singer herself being in love with the person who is at the focus of her lyrics. And resultantly, she is encouraging him that if he does decide to go down that path with her, he will not be disappointed.

Lyrics for "Jump Then Fall"

Facts about “Jump Then Fall”

This track is originally from the Platinum Edition of Taylor Swift’s second album, Fearless. That particular extension came out on 27 October 2009 via Big Machine Records.

When Taylor re-released Fearless in 2021, this time via Republic Records, “Jump Then Fall” was also included. And that particular rendition is referred to as “Jump Then Fall (Taylor’s Version)”.

This song is featured on the soundtrack of a rom com entitled “Valentine’s Day” (2010). Said flick is highlighted by an ensemble cast consisting of Hollywood A listers such as Jamie Foxx, Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel and Julia Roberts. But it also holds a special place in Taylor Swift’s personal history as it is also the first movie she ever acted in.

Taylor, ever the romantic, described this song as being based on “the most magical summer love imaginable”. However there is no mention of summer itself in the lyrics, nor does there appear to be any direct allusions to the season.

Taylor Swift's comments on "Jump Then Fall"

Apparently this song was never released as a single. However, it still managed to break the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100. And the tune also charted in Canada and Australia. Additionally it has been put forth that this song is Swift’s personal favorite amongst the Fearless Platinum Edition tracks.


Taylor Swift’s first album, itself entitled Taylor Swift (2006), did quite well. For instance, it reached number 5 on the Billboard Hot 100. And it was eventually certified septuple-platinum in 2017, well after Swift herself had completely blown up. 

But it is really Fearless which is considered to have catapulted the songstress into permanent superstar status. The project has been certified diamond (i.e. in excess of 10,000,000 sales) stateside.  In addition it earned Taylor a couple of 2010 Grammys (Album of the Year and Best Country Album) a 2009 American Music Award (Favorite Country Album), a 2009 Country Music Association Award (Album of the Year), etc. 

So that may be why when Taylor decided to re-record her first six albums, due to a beef she developed with Big Machine Records, she started with Fearless first, with Taylor’s Version of the entire project being released in early 2021.

Jump Then Fall

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