“Keep Driving” by Harry Styles

Harry Styles’ “Keep Driving” is yet another love song found on his “Harry’s House” album of 2022. But Styles does a sound job throughout the album or presenting the same topic, i.e. being smitten or what have you, in different contexts. And in this case, as implied by the title, it would appear that he and his romantic interest are on the road. In the process, they are enjoying different types of adventures, not anything particularly pertaining to a celebrity lifestyle but rather the likes of different foods and intoxicants, including “coke”, which Harry appears to have an affinity for. Basically it appears that they are on a carefree tour, perhaps of “America”.

So the question becomes should they proceed on their journey or “just keep driving”. And once again going back to the title, for the time being, the vocalist is pleased with being out with his honeybun out on the open road.

Harry Styles, "Keep Driving" Lyrics

When did Harry release “Keep Driving”?

Harry officially released it on May 20 of 2022 as part of his “Harry’s House”, which is the singer’s third studio album.

“Keep Driving” has a total run time of two minutes and nineteen seconds. It appears as the 10th track on “Harry’s House”.

Song’s Credits

Four songwriters, including Harry hold credits for writing “Keep Driving”. The other three writers are: Tyler Johnson, Mitch Rowland and Kid Harpoon.

Co-writers, Tyler and Kid, being record producers themselves, also played the role of the song’s producers. The pair actually co-produced 12 out of the 13 songs on the album.

“Harry’s House”

The following recording studios, located in the US and UK, served as hosts to Harry during the recording of the album:

  • Shangri-La Recording Studios (Malibu, California)
  • Real World Studios (Wiltshire, South West England)
  • Henson Recording Studio (Hollywood California)
  • Angelic Recording studio (London)

Record producers, Kid Harpoon, Samuel Witte and Tyler Johnson are the official record producers that handled the entire production responsibilities of “Harry’s House”.

The album was jointly released through Harry’s own record label, Erskine Records and Columbia Records, an American record label, owned by Sony Music.

Getting an impressive score of 84 out of 100, during a review by the online platform, Metacritic is one of many accolades “Harry’s House” has received thus far.

NOTE: “Keep Driving” wasn’t released as a single from “Harry’s House”. Below are the songs that Columbia and Erskine Records released as its officially singles:

Keep Driving

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Can I ask about the lyrics “America, Science, and edibles, and life hacks going viral in the bathroom” There are some rumors online that he wrote them directed towads a creator by the name of OnlyJayus or Isabella Avila. Is there any information confirming or denying this? Just wondering.

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