“Daylight” by Harry Styles

This love song is based on an interesting metaphor, where we find the vocalist “cursing the daylight”. There has been some exorbitant explanations offered as to what that’s supposed to mean. But perhaps a way of simplifying it all is that Harry suffers in the daylight ( i.e. during his waking hours) due to missing the addressee.

Also concerning the way the title is somewhat confusingly utilized in the chorus, it has been reported the actual inspiration behind this song’s name stemmed from Styles pulling an all-nighter. According to these reports, he literally stayed up until daylight, in the name of expeditiously completing the writing of this piece.

That said, it has also been noted that Taylor Swift has her own track titled “Daylight“. Since she and Harry had a thing back in the day, some people got to speculating that this song is about her. And in this case such a postulation is actually reasonable. Why? Because the addressee does appear to be someone who was romantically in the vocalist’s life one moment and out the next. But Styles directly shot down that idea. According to him, this song has nothing to do with Swift.


In any event, in the lyrics, the vocalist is depicted as more or less being the victim of unreciprocated love. He desires to “fly to” the addressee but for whatever reason is unable to do so. Furthermore, concerning that latter sentiment, reading in between the lines it appears to be something like maybe he’s convinced that she doesn’t really want him. 

All of this does lend credence to the theory that the addressee may be someone whose lifestyle is just as jet-set as Styles’ is.

Lyrics to Harry Styles' "Daylight"

When was “Daylight” released?  

Harry, a former “The X Factor”, (a British music reality show) contestant, released this song on the 20th of May, 2022 as part of his 2022 album “Harry’s House”. This album, which is Harry’s 3rd studio album was commercially marketed by these singles:

The three big names in the record production business listed below are credited with Harry’s House‘s production.

  • Kid Harpoon
  • Samuel Witte
  • Tyler Johnson

The album received a string of accolades including an impressive score of 84 out of 100 on review website Metacritic.

Credits for “Daylight”

“Daylight” was composed by Harry himself, with support from two of the aforementioned record producers (Johnson and Harpoon). The who have also been credited with its production.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Full of metaphors and hidden messages, if we pay close attention to the lyrics.
    “Get the picture,….” of him at the Bigweekend coventry show (2022) = “As it was”- part 2 , with the special purple attire.
    I hope they meet at daylight soon !!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Have any larries out there thought about the bluebird meaning? Like the song somewhere over the rainbow bluebirds fly? Like if he was over the rainbow 🌈 (aka out) that he’d be a bluebird and would fly to Louis? Just a thought

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