“Daydreaming” by Harry Styles

“Daydreaming” is one of the more-straightforward love songs found on Harry Styles’ “Harry’s House” album of 2022. When someone puts forth that they feel like they’re “living in a daydream” as the result of a romantic relationship, as the vocalist does in this case, that’s an allegory that we can all easily understand. And what he is entreating the addressee, the apple of his day, to do is ‘give him all of her love’, so that he can engage in this type of “daydreaming” even more.

Lyrics for Harry Styles' "Daydreaming"

Release of “Daydreaming”

“Daydreaming” is the 9th track on Harry Styles’ “Harry’s House” album. The song was released along this album on May 20 of 2022.

“Daydreaming” Credits

A number of highly reputable songwriters hold composition credits for “Daydreaming”. The following are the members, comprising the song’s writing team:

  • Harry Styles
  • Alex Weir
  • Kid Harpoon
  • Louis Johnson
  • Quincy Jones
  • Tom Bahler
  • Tyler Johnson
  • Valerie Johnson

Aside from taking part in the composition of the song, Johnson and Harpoon were responsible for its production as well.

Note: The reason the likes of Quincy and the Johnsons are credited as co-writers of this song is because it samples a song they wrote as far back as the 1970s. The song in question is titled “Ain’t We Funkin’ Now“. It was released by The Brothers Johnson in 1978.

Harry’s “Harry’s House” Album

“Harry’s House” was recorded in multiple recording studios located in the US and the UK. The album, which happens to be the English singer’s third studio album, birthed these singles:

Three record producers, Kid Harpoon, Tyler Johnson and Samuel Witte have been credited with the production of the entire album.

Erskine Records, a record label owned by Harry himself and Columbia Records were the record labels through which the album was launched.


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