“Kiss My (Uh Oh)” by Anne-Marie and Little Mix

Sampling Lumidee’s “Never Leave You (Uh Oh)”, “Kiss My (Uh Oh)” portrays the freedom after getting out of a toxic relationship and the celebration it deserves.

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Verse 1:

Having heard enough lies from their partners, Anne-Marie and Perrie have packed their bags and heading out of the door.


Leigh-Anne pretty much describes the gist of a toxic relationship in these few lines. When one gives their all to a selfish partner, it often gets looked over. It’s only until they’re gone that they realise their mistakes and “do the most” to get their partners back.


The narrators have had enough at this stage and embrace the liberation from moving away from the toxicity. They’re “not ever looking back” while their partners can watch them walk away and kiss their behinds goodbye.

Lyrics for "Kiss My (Uh Oh)"

Verse 2:

When loneliness strikes, it leaves one thinking about a thousand “what if’s”. We see here that the “what if” question the narrators’ ex-partners face now is wondering if the girls were The Ones for them. This leads to them trying every possible way to get them back such as “send(ing) (them) roses every day”.

Does it work, though? No, because it’s probably been done many times on similar incidents that Anne-Marie and Little Mix can see through all the bullsh*t now. In fact, the only good thing their partners did was making them stronger.

When was “Kiss My (Uh Oh)” released?

English singer Anne-Marie and British girl group, Little Mix had their song “Kiss My (Uh-Oh)” released on July 23 of 2021.

The song was released as a single from the album, “Therapy”, which happens to be Anne-Marie’s second studio album. It is also listed on “Between Us”, a greatest hits album, released in November of 2021 by Little Mix.

“Kiss My (Uh-Oh)” gained a top-10 hit in the UK and the Netherlands. Furthermore, as of 2022, it holds a Gold Certification in the UK.  


The song was composed/created by the following:

  • Anne-Marie
  • Taylor Upsahl
  • Jacob Banfield
  • Camille Purcell
  • Pete Nappi
Kiss My (Uh Oh)

Anne-Marie’s “Therapy” Album

“Therapy” was released in July of 2021 through the following record labels:

  • Major Tom’s Records
  • Atlantic Records
  • Asylum Records

The album put up an impressive commercial performance. In the UK, it recorded sales of almost 20K copies within its first week.

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