“Our Song” by Anne-Marie & Niall Horan

The phrase “our song” is actually a common colloquialism, pointing to whatever piece of music best defines a romantic relationship within the eyes of the two people involved. And usually, it isn’t so much about the content of said song as it is its nostalgic value to the couple. 

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Or phrased differently, one party hearing it would instantly and unavoidably cause him or her to think about the other in a loving sort of way. And that is the situation in which the two vocalists, apparently portraying the role of exes, are dealing with her.

By the looks of things, some time has transpired since they’ve parted ways. And even though getting over the other person was difficult at first, in more recent days they’ve been doing A-okay in terms of being content on their own. But then it’s like damn, ‘their song’, as explained above, would just randomly play “on the radio”. And “just like that”, all of the feelings they’ve been able to overcome up to this point come rushing right back.

And that’s pretty much it, folks.  In fact as far as a thesis sentiment is concerned, we would have to conclude that in this case it would be one of heartbreak. For on top of their being no indication that the vocalists will ever get back together, it would also appear, at least on the surface, that they are cool with that reality. But deep inside, underneath it all, is what we simply refer to as a case of permanent sadness. And we know that such exists, because it is triggered every time they hear the quintessential song of their tenure together.

"Our Song" Lyrics

Music Video

Michael Holyk is the name of the filmographer who directed the music video to “Our Song”.

Release Date of “Our Song”

This is a track whose teasing dates back to October of 2020, as conducted by Anne-Marie. That was when she posted of pic of Niall Horan in the studio. And the entire team up came about as the result of the two of them ‘liking each other’s music’ and “chatting for ages about getting in the studio”. 

Then, it was the coronavirus lockdowns of 2020 that actually afforded them the opportunity to do so. And according to Anne-Marie, the entire process of putting “Our Song” out, with the track eventually made public on 21 May 2021, resulted in the two of them forming a “really good” friendship as a result.

Our Song

Credits for “Our Song”

Part of that process included the two vocalists serving as co-writers of this piece. And they accomplished that task alongside Plested as well as the producers of the track, a UK-based trio known as TMS (Pete Kelleher, Ben Kohn and Tom Barnes).

Both of the vocalists on the song are also from across the Atlantic. Anne-Marie is a singer from a part of England known as East Tilbury (which is in Essex). And it is actually her second full-length album, entitled “Therapy”, that this track is featured on.

Niall Horan

Meanwhile at the time Niall Horan is the better known of the two, as he was once a member of One Direction, arguably the most-popular boy band in the world during the first half of the 2010s. 

Upon more or less officially disbanding in 2016 the quintet of vocalists which made up that crew all went solo, to varying degrees of success. For instance, Harry Styles and Zayn Malik have continued to maintain A+ status on their own. And Niall, as well as his other former bandmates Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne, have also been holding things down on their respective end. 

And that is not to imply that Niall is slacking in any way. For instance, he’s won three BMI London Awards for three different song between 2019 and 2020. And his first album, 2017’s “Flicker”, was not only a chart topper in his native Ireland but also on the US Billboard 200.

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