Lady Gaga’s “911” Lyrics Meaning

“911” is centered on Lady Gaga’s assertion, as repeated in the chorus, that she is her own worst enemy. In other words, as detailed in the first verse, she seems to have a self-defeating mentality. However, this isn’t simply a case of the vocalist having low self-esteem. Rather as the songstress has pointed out, the title of this song is actually a metaphor for antipsychotic medication that she takes. 

So when she refers to ‘popping a 911’, that is an allusion to taking such a pill to deal with her genuine mental disease(s). However, this song is not all pessimistic, for in the second verse she asserts that she does in fact possess the innate wherewithal to overcome this issue. 

So conclusively, it can be said that the overall thesis of the song’s content is that whereas the singer acknowledges she does in fact have a mental disease, at the same time she also believes, with adequate exertion, that she can defeat it.

“My biggest enemy is me, pop a 911”

Summary of “911”

Gaga has serious mental issues which require medication, but she also possesses that faith that she can overcome this ordeal.

Lady Gaga talks about “911”

The lyrics are actual based on a real challenge Lady Gaga deals with in her real life. Speaking to Apple Music, she referred to the song as being about a particular “antipsychotic” medication that she takes. And the reason she takes said medicine is in order to be able to control herself from doing certain irrational things.

Lady Gaga


“911” is part of Lady Gaga’s sixth-studio album – which is entitled “Chromatica” – being the eighth song on the playlist of that project. Both “911” and “Chromatica” were released on the 29th day of May, 2020 (5/29/2020).

This track alongside its entire album was brought to us via the efforts of Interscope Records.

Writing Credits for “911”

Lady Gaga and the following wrote “911”:

  • Justin Tranter
  • Madeon
  • BloodPop®

Was “911” one of the singles from “Chromatica”?

No. Three singles were released to promote “Chromatica”. Said singles are:

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