“Love Me Right” by Lady Gaga

“Love Me Right” is somewhat similar to another track found on “Chromatica” entitled “Plastic Doll”. For on both tracks Lady Gaga lets it be explicitly known that her stage appearance is not a reflection of her real life. However, on this particular song, perhaps the most-succinct way of describing its premise is that now she has a nagging urge to keep it real. 

Or stated differently, her stage persona is also a mask for the emotional turmoil she is experiencing inside. So now that she is apparently on the verge of presenting her true self to the world as a remedy for this malady, she is also questioning whether her fandom, so to speak, ‘would still love her right’. 

So that is the general notion that the lyrics are based on. And this is Gaga’s desire to be accepted for who she truly is as opposed to her celebrity character, if you will.

Facts about “Love Me Right”

“Love Me Right” can be found on the Target/Deluxe edition of Lady Gaga’s highly acclaimed album “Chromatica”.

And it was brought to us via the efforts of Interscope Records in May 2020.

It wasn’t a single song. Actually “Chromatica” only released three singles (two official and one promotional). They are listed below:

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