“Live from the Abyss” by Denzel Curry

Curry, in “Live from the Abyss”, tries to point out some things that he thought wasn’t fair to some section of the public, especially the African-Americas, ahead of the 2020 general elections in the United States. He expresses his displeasure about how the country’s system has failed to provide equal platform for all its citizens. He talks about police brutalities, rioting, racism, and the thought of preventing Mexicans from entering into the country.

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Furthermore, he goes on to criticize the leaders for hiding the truth from the people and painting the picture that some people in the society are somehow living in fear.

After all is said and done, Curry’s “Live from the Abyss” is nothing short of a pure political track. It’s lyrics shed lights on some of the major ills plaguing the American society.

Writing and Production

Denzel Curry penned the lyrics to “Live from the Abyss”. The production credits, on the other hand, go to music producer FnZ.

Album and Release Date of “Live from the Abyss”

This tune appears on Curry’s “Melt My Eyes” project. It was released in October, 2020.

Denzel Curry’s Comments

Shortly after releasing the song, Curry, in a post on Instagram, stated that he wasn’t ready to surrender due to fear and called for an equal platform where no one in the society will be limited.

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