“Speedboat” by Denzel Curry

This track is primarily about Denzel’s street life and come up – or put differently gun violence and Curry’s cashflow. He is being hailed as one of the next big artists in hip-hop not necessarily due to content but rather his lyrical skills. So in regards to what he is actually talking about, it reads like your standard rap-music fare.

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For instance, he begins the track alluding to his rise from rags to riches. In fact the title of this song allegedly refers to Curry now living the fast life. He also gives various references to his ability to engage in gun violence, even advising listeners to ‘have their money up before going to war’. Of particular note is that Denzel gives a shoutout to slain rapper X (1998-2008), who like Curry was also from Florida and reportedly even a friend of Curry’s. And in that regard, the sentiment he relays is a refusal to get murdered like X. He also says a ‘prayer over all his people’ to “Jesus” to protect them, with appeals to higher powers to watch over the ‘hood also becoming a norm in rap music.

Our thoughts about this song

So overall, once again, there is nothing particularly innovative about this track. But that is not a diss against Denzel Curry, as such probably was not even his intent.  Rather this track was likely meant to show that he is a man amongst boys in the rap game, as in showcasing his exceptional lyricism.  And in respect of that, “Speedboat” has accomplished its goal. Simply put, if you are compelled to listen to a mainstream rap song by someone who can actually rap, then “Speedboat” is the track for you.

Lyrics of "Speedboat"

Facts about “Speedboat”

“Speedboat” will be featured on Denzel Curry’s Zuu, which is the second album he has dropped in less than a year. In fact PH Recordings released this track on 22 May 2019 to coincide with the announcement of the new album.

“Speedboat” was written by Denzel Curry and produced by Rugah Rahj.

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