“Tokyo Drifting” by Glass Animals & Denzel Curry

The term Tokyo drift seems to have originated in 2006 as the subtitle of the third installment in the ultra-popular “The Fast and the Furious” movie franchise. These movies are traditionally based on a team of street racers, and likewise drifting is a term that is applied to car racing. And the lyrics do depict the Glass Animals’ lead singer Dave Bayley as spending a considerable amount of time chillin’ in his whip, in addition to him using the word “racer” in the second verse. 

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But overall, within the context of this song, the term “Tokyo drifting” seems to allude to the idea of chillin’ and wilding out in general. Indeed Dave also dedicates quite a few bars to giving a shoutout to his less-inhibited alter ego, “Wavey Davey”. 

And Denzel Curry brags about his wealth on top of threatening opps and proclaiming that he’s ‘back on his BS’, which basically means he can be quite unpredictable. 


So in all, we confidently come to the conclusion that “Tokyo Drifting” serves as both an ode to the successful lifestyles of the vocalists. In doing so, it simultaneously acknowledges that they can be unruly boys at times.

Lyrics of "Tokyo Drifting" by Glass Animals

Quick Facts about “Tokyo Drifting”

“Tokyo Drifting” is the first time the Glass Animals, a pop band from the UK, have teamed up with Denzel Curry. Curry is a rapper from Florida, United States.

This song was released on 13 November 2019. The release made it the first track the Glass Animals dropped since their album “How to Be a Human Being” came out in 2016.

The multi-talented Dave Bayley produced “Tokyo Drifting”. Furthermore, he also acted as one of the song’s co-writers.

And the other co-writers are Denzel Curry and South African musician Caiphus Semenya.

The track’s title (“Tokyo Drifting”) appears only once in the song. It is used by Denzel Curry in the last line of the third verse.

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