“Lose” by KSI & Lil Wayne

KSI and Lil Wayne’s “Lose” is actually a love song, one that can be said to be based on a less-than-ideal relationship between the vocalist(s) and addressee. As presented by Lil Wayne, he is the victim of a toxic partner, i.e. one who mistreats and cheats on him. Or in the very least concerning that latter sentiment, she has now moved on, but he is unable to process the thought of her being with another guy. 

Indeed more to the point is this idea of Mr. Carter being unable to get over her, despite the way she may treat him.

Meanwhile KSI’s verse is a bit different. He likewise expresses comparable appreciation for the apple of his eye. But apparently that would be someone he is now going about getting acquainted with as opposed to the two of them being an established relationship.

So that is why at the end of the day we can classify this as a love song. Yes, Weezy takes an unconventional approach to illustrating just how enamored he is with his sweetheart.  But all other parts of the song – the chorus, refrain and KSI’s verse – are more squarely centered on just being in love. 

Or perhaps, all lyrics considered, we can say that the vocalists’ attraction to the addressee is more like an addiction, i.e. thoughts of her being something which they can’t remove from their minds.

Lyrics to "Lose"

Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne is an artist that most readers are likely familiar with, even if not a personal fan of his music. That’s because as it currently stands he’s been in the game for almost three decades and is amongst the top five best-selling rappers in industry history. So, he doesn’t really need an introduction as a musician.


Meanwhile KSI, hailing from the UK, actually made a name for himself more along the lines of being a YouTuber. And as internet personalities tend to go, he also sports other income-generating talents. For instance, he’s had two professional boxing matches against fellow social-media superstar Logan Paul. Both of these events were major successes commercially. 

And also, truth be told he’s perhaps just as much of a rapper as an internet celebrity. He has proved especially successful in that regard in his homeland of England. For instance, All Over the Place, i.e. the album from which this track is derived, has already topped the UK Albums Chart, being released about three weeks prior to the writing of this post.


Facts about “Lose”

This particular song is actually from the deluxe edition of All Over the Place. Being issued on 6 August 2021, it is the sixth single from the project overall. The labels behind the track are BMG, RBC Records, Beerus Limited and The Online Takeover. The latter two businesses on that list were founded by KSI.

“Lose” was written by the two vocalists alongside Ivory Scott and Digital Farm Animals. And Digital Farm Animals, who is actually a solo musician from London, also produced the track.

This is KSI’s first collaboration with Lil Wayne. And the former did go about expressing appreciation for being granted the opportunity to work with the latter who, once again, is already an established music legend.

KSI talks about "Lose"

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