Louis Tomlinson’s “Kill My Mind” Lyrics Meaning

So what we have here is a track where the narrator (Louis Tomlinson) is using some choice symbolism to allude to the idea of him being smitten by a certain lady.  The titular phrase, “kill my mind”, is a metaphor for the effect she has on him. Obviously his reaction to her exceeds the emotional realm and extends onto the mental plane. And what he basically seems to be saying is that his feelings for her has a transformative effect on his mind, if you will.

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He details the intricacies of this experience in the second verse. There, Louis implies that his personal history has been less than ideal, in addition to him being unable to put it completely behind him. But being with this lady – even perhaps just watching her dance, as he does in the first verse – frees him “from a prison of a past life”. Or another way of looking at it is that he feels like a new man when he is around her.

But there are also parts of the song where the singer appears leery concerning the nature of their relationship. For instance, in the pre-chorus he seems to be acknowledging that his affinity for this lady is some sort of weakness, as in she having a “hold” on him which he is powerless against.  Also at the conclusion of the second verse, the lyrics read as if the two of them had already been involved in the past and have already broken up or discontinued their intimate relationship.


So at the end of the day, it is feasible that what we have here is a situation where the singer is strongly attracted to someone physically. He definitely wanting her on a carnal level. But on the psychological side of things, he is not as enthusiastic about the prospect of romancing her. However, his love for her is so deep that that such thoughts are overruled (i.e. “kill my mind”) and are instead overwhelmed by the invigorating natural reaction he has (i. e.“raise my body back to life”) when in her vicinity.

Lyrics of "Kill My Mind"

Tease and Release of “Kill My Mind

Louis Tomlinson had been teasing this song, via Twitter, since the last week of August 2019.

The publication of “Kill My Mind”, which officially occurred on 5 September 2019, was a collaborative effort between multiple labels, including Syco Records.


Louis Tomlinson is a former member of the popular boy band, One Direction, who recently disbanded. Thus this track is will be featured on his forthcoming debut-solo album. The single “Two of Us” will also appear on this maiden album of Tonlinson’s.

Creation (Production and Writing) Credits for “Kill My Mind”

“Kill My Mind” was produced by Jamie Hartman. He also co-wrote the track along with Sean Douglas and Louis Tomlinson.

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    well written but i would prefer if u did not use the terms “lady” and “she” conclusively. for all we know it could just as well be about a guy

  2. louis tonlinson says:

    there’s no reason this couldn’t be about a guy as well

  3. Angie18 says:

    Why always a ” lady ” Louis never said ” she ” in his songs ( except for the s/he in JLY !!!! ). And you know it’s not about her…

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    Texting back now please or later today

  5. Anonymous says:

    Why do PPL have to be so gender specific when he is not

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