“Out of My System” by Louis Tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson’s “Out of My System” is one of those types of songs in which the vocalist has resolved himself to make a more conscientious effort to live life to the fullest. 

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What’s being implied is Louis also understanding that it is his own “demons”, as he puts it, which is preventing him from expeditiously achieving that goal, if at all. 

So it is such shortcomings that the narrator is proclaiming he must ‘got to get out of his system’. In other words, Tomlinson knows – let’s say as a celebrity even – that he’s ‘already lived a lot of life’. But the future still lies ahead of him, and he wants to make the most out of it, even more so, apparently, than the past.

All in all, Tomlinson knows that in order to fully appreciate the gift of life, there is one primary thing that he needs to do. The said thing is to overcome the shortcomings that plague his life. Simply put, he has to get these personal toxins out of his system!

Louis Tomlinson, "Out of My System" Lyrics

When did Louis Tomlinson release “Out of My System”?

Tomlinson has been steadily doing his thing since the de facto dissolution of One Direction, the 2010s’ boy band that has made him internationally famous. 

He dropped his first solo album, 2020’s “Walls”, to notable success. The said project made it onto the top 5 of the UK Albums Chart and top 10 of the Billboard 200. 

His second album goes by the title “Faith in the Future”. “Out of My System” is this album’s second single. BMG issued it as a single on October 14th of 2022. The album’s first single (“Bigger Than Me“) came out about a half and a month earlier.

Is this a self-penned song?

Yes, it is. Louis Tomlinson wrote this song with Dave Gibson and the track’s producer, Nicolas Rebscher.

Out of My System

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