“Written All Over Your Face” by Louis Tomlinson

The lyrics of “Written All Over Your Face” find Louis Tomlinson speaking to a troubled relationship he has with the addressee. At the end of the day, the overall implication is that his lover is along the lines of being the contentious type. 

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Or more to the titular point, presumably because his lover acts this way regularly, he’s able to perceive when some beef is about to jump off, as a disagreeable disposition is ‘written all over her face’ beforehand. That is to say that he can read the addressee’s body language and mannerisms and know that, for whatever unexplained reason, they are thoroughly pissed off.

But all wording considered, even though this less-than-ideal reality – i.e. the addressee currently being in one of their moods – is by far the lyrical focus, such is not the thesis sentiment per se. The vocalist can read the signs and is “ready for war” if need be. 

But it can also be ascertained, since he’s obviously in love and all, that what he prefers is the two of them being at peace. Basically he is very much not looking forward to the conflict that he knows is inevitable given his significant other’s current aura.

"Written All Over Your Face" Lyrics

The Dropping of “Written All Over Your Face”

BMG released this track on 11 November 2022. It was formally dropped as part of Louis Tomlinson’s sophomore album which goes by the title “Faith in the Future”. 

The album’s release was preceded by three single releases in the form of the following:

Despite not being one of the singles that preceded the album, “Written All Over Your Face” went on to become a fan favorite.

Credits for “Written All Over Your Face”

Louis wrote this song with Robert Harvey and Red Triangle. The production of “Written All Over Your Face” was accomplished by Red Triangle. Red Triangle is a duo of music producers made up of George Tizzard and Rick Parkhouse.

Written All Over Your Face

Somethings You Should Know

Louis Tomlinson got his foot in the door as a member of One Direction, a highly-successful British boy group of the 2010s. 

In more recent times – as with his former bandmates Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, Niall Horan and Liam Payne – he has ventured out on his own.

His first LP, “Walls” (2020), reached fourth place on the UK Albums Chart. And to note One Direction is not technically dead. However, it does appear that one of the more-popular participants, Zayn, has left for good. 

As of the release of “Written All Over Your Face”, One Direction has not dropped a studio album since 2015’s “Made in the A.M.”.

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