“Change” by Louis Tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson’s “Change” requires a bit of imaginative thinking in the name of interpreting, as the heart of what’s being put forth is done so in an indirect way. But reading in between the lines, it appears that what the vocalist is actually speaking to is a troubled relationship he is in with the addressee, who reads as it may be his spouse or if nothing else someone Louis grew up with.

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Louis Tomlinson's Change at Lyrics.org.

And concerning the title, what the vocalist is doing is noting how ‘everything has changed’ throughout the years. But internally, he still “feel(s) the same inside”. All lyrics of “Change” considered, that’s a fancy way of saying that even though the surface world may appear different, his love for the addressee remains intact.

Contrastingly, said addressee is presented in the bridge as being someone who is ‘always overanalyzing’. And the implication is that this tendency of her or him is negatively affecting their relationship with Louis.

But what the vocalist is telling this person is that you can’t spend “the rest of your life” with your chin in your palm. So it seems as if whereas Louis’s feelings have remained consistent even while he’s “been away” from this individual for a “long” time, the same cannot be said for the addressee, who apparently is not as free to love as he or she used to be. 

So conclusively, what the vocalist is doing is reminding said associate that at least from his perspective, the two of them will remain friends for life.

Lyrics for Louis Tomlinson's "Change"

Facts about “Change”

There is scant information available on this song at the writing of this post. This is because it has yet to be officially released. 

The lyrics and a live rendering of “Change” have made it online, as Louis Tomlinson debuted the song on 30 August 2021 via a concert he hosted in London known as The Away From Home Festival. And at the time, he also let it be known that this track will be featured on an upcoming album, i.e. his second studio LP (after 2020’s “Walls”).


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