“Love Me More” by Sam Smith

In late April, 2022, Sam Smith dropped another hit-worthy track titled “Love Me More” that is bound to give our ears a feast.

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The track encompasses the feelings of liberation and joy after learning to show a “little bit” of love to yourself day by day. Smith shows that the journey is not an easy one as they draw inspiration from their personal life experiences such as their battle with body image.

Starting the song with a question that we all can find relatable at some point in our lives, we feel as if Smith has read our diary pages.

The question: “Have you ever felt like being somebody else?”

The most important thing, though, is their answer to their question nearing the end of the chorus. Smith shares that the self-doubt and negativity they have inflicted on themselves slowly fades away as they learn to love themselves more.

So, what increases this self-negativity that we inflict ourselves with? One of the reasons would be criticism received from external parties. The good thing is that Smith has shown us that one shouldn’t let such criticism bring you down, but instead use it to grow positively. They (Sam) go on to say that even acknowledging one’s feelings, even the ones we find hardest to such as “sorrow” has made them stronger and has “set (them) free”.

Ultimately, when one starts being kinder to oneself, accepting their strengths and acknowledging their faults, it’ll be the first step to loving themself more.

What does Sam Smith have to say about “Love Me More”?

In a press release, Smith expressed that this song goes out to those who have felt different and those that often have to “stop themselves” from being unkind to themselves. Sam also wished that this song would act as a friend to everyone.

Release Date of “Love Me More”

“Love Me More” was released as a single on 28th April, 2022.

Smith promoted the track’s release on Instagram with a snippet of him singing its chorus in the recording studio on 17th April, 2022 captioned “Soon x”.


Smith co-wrote this single with the Los-Angeles based record producing and songwriting team known as Stargate. The team is made up of Mikkel S. Eriksen & Tor E. Hermansen. They have worked with greats such as Michael Jackson, Shakira and Coldplay.

In addition to Stargate, English songwriter and record producer, Jimmy Napes is also a credited writer of this track. Disclosure, Taylor Swift and Clean Bandit are just a handful of the artists Napes’ has worked with over the years.

What Fans have said about “Love Me More”

A lot of people say they find the song’s sentiments very relatable. Some have even gone on to state that they face the same issue of being afraid to look at themselves in the mirror because they hate how they look. However, they are positive that this self-empowering song will aid them build up their confidence levels and mitigate the negative feelings they have about their bodies.

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