Sam Smith’s “To Die For” Lyrics Meaning

This song is actually centered on the loneliness of the singer, specifically from a romantic perspective. For instance, in the chorus it is revealed that when he sees couples enjoying themselves together he becomes filled with a feeling of envy, for lack of a better word. That is to say that beholding their happiness is just a further reminding that he, as Sam poetically puts it, is a “solo shadow on a sidewalk”. 

So the prevailing sentiment of this tune is the artist desiring someone in his life “to die for”. This is a play on words of the popular expression ‘someone to live for’. But it means fundamentally the same thing. And that is it being symbolical of the singer’s want for a significant other, someone he can actually dedicate his all to. Moreover this yearning is accentuated by the fact that he is experiencing some type of depression or unfavorable period in his life. 

So at the end of the day “To Die For” can best be described as a song of lamentation. For not only is it premised on the singer’s depression, but the main point being put across is that his lack of a special someone is eating away at his soul.

Lyrics of "To Die For"

Writing Credits for “To Die For”

Sam Smith worked a total of three other songwriters to write “To Die For”. The official writing credits are as follows:

  • Mikkel Eriksen (of Stargate)
  • Tor Hermansen (of Stargate)
  • James Napier
  • Sam Smith

The song’s co-writers Napes and Stargate also worked on its production.

According to Sam, he and his collaborators penned this song while they were in the City of Los Angeles. He further stated that during the song was penned at a time in his life where he was heartbroken and undergoing an episode of “self-discovery”.

Sam has referred to this song as one that is very personal to him.

Release Date

Sam Smith’s team (Capitol Records) released this song on Valentine’s Day of 2020 (February 14, 2020). It was issued as the sixth single from Sam’s third studio album which is also titled “To Die For”. This single was preceded by the following singles:

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