“Promises” by Calvin Harris and Sam Smith (Ft. Jessie Reyez)

“Promises” is a song by Scottish DJ/music producer Calvin Harris and English singer Sam Smith. The song, which features Canadian singer/songwriter Jessie Reyez, sees the narrator hoping for an affair or rather a hookup that doesn’t lead to something more serious. He therefore tells his love interest he’s not going to make any promises.

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Lyrics of "Promises" by Calvin Harris and Sam Smith

Facts about “Promises”

  • “Promises” was written by Calvin Harris along with Sam Smith and singer/songwriter Jessie Reyez. Aside co-writing this track, Reyez also contributed additional vocals on it.
  • Harris solely produced this tune.
  • “Promises” was officially released on August 17th, 2018 – about three days after Smith and Harris first announced to the world that they had finished working on a song together.
  • This track marks the first time that Calvin Harris has worked with Sam Smith. According to Smith, he had always dreamed of collaborating with Harris.
  • Reyez and Smith are the only ones who sing on this track.
  • The song was an immense success for the artists, peaking at the number 1 spot on the UK iTunes Chart barely 24 hours after it was released. On the UK Singles Chart, it took no time climbing to number 1. It currently occupies the number 65 spot on the US Billboard Hot 100.
  • In Harris’ homeland of Scotland, “Promises” made it to number 1.
  • The music video for “Promises” was directed by English music video director Emil Nava. It pays tribute to the world renowned ball culture of New York and vogue. Canadian model Winnie Harlow makes a cameo appearance in the clip.


Is this the first time Jessie Reyez and Calvin Harris have collaborated on a track?

No. Harris and Reyez worked together on Harris’ 2017 song titled “Hard to Love”.  In addition to being known for collaborating with Harris, Reyez is also known for working with the likes of Eminem and King Louie.

Have Sam Smith and Jessie Reyez worked together in the past?

No. This track is the pair’s first collaboration.

Which album is “Promises” on?

It is one of the singles from Harris’ sixth studio album scheduled for release in 2018.

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