“Lullaby” by The Offspring

This is the last track on the standard playlist of “Let the Bad Times Roll”, i.e. the album it is featured on. And that phrase, “let the bad times roll”, plays a major role in this terse song. And according to the way Dexter Holland explained its purpose, it is intended to reiterate the theme of the project as illustrated by its title.

The Offspring also uses the opportunity to assert that they are not “crazy”. Perhaps what they are speaking to is the fact that, even in this day and age, it is quite uncommon for a mainstream music act to drop an entire album centered on (and arguably embracing, based on its title) the theme of depression.  But it seems like what The Offspring rather set out to do was put together an album which is the sign of the times, in the very least from their own perspective.

But either way, now is not the time to reanalyze “Let the Bad Times Roll”. This is rather the undertaking’s “lullaby” which, as its name suggests, is intended to send us off peacefully into the night. But at the same it is also meant to remind the listening audience that verily, the “bad times” are upon us.

Lyrics for "Lullaby" by The Offspring

Writing and Production Credits for “Lullaby”

The composer of the song was Bryan Keith ‘Dexter’ Holland. It was produced by Bob Rock.

When “Lullaby” was released

The song was released on 16th April, 2021.

Album Details

“Lullaby” is a one minute, twelve second song that belongs to the album “Let the Bad Times Roll”. It was not released as a single. The songs in this album are categorized in the genres Punk rock and Pop punk.


“Let the Bad Times Roll”

The Offspring is a 4-member American Rock band that has been in existence since 1984. In April, 2021, in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, “Let the Bad Times Roll” was released by The Offspring.      

The album was produced by Canadian musician and record producer Robert Jens Rock (Bob Rock). All songs (with the exception of the instrumental “In the Hall of the Mountain King”) were penned by Bryan Holland, primary composer of the band.

The late Norwegian composer and pianist Edvard Hagerup Grieg composed “In the Hall of the Mountain King”. This is an instrumental listed as the 8th Track. The album spans 33 minutes, 21 seconds with 14 tracks listed on it.

The following three singles were released in support of the album:

  • “Coming for You” released on 30th January, 2021
  • Let the Bad Times Roll” released on 23rd February, 2021
  • “We Never Have Sex Anymore” released on 2nd April, 2021

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