“Made to Fall in Love” by Daniel Caesar

In this song, Daniel Caesar is addressing a romantic interest. And what he is trying to convince her of is that the two of them are “made to fall in love”. He feels he and she being together romantically is their destiny. So accordingly he is going about convincing her to take his hand. 

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And the way he does so is by metaphorical acknowledging that by all means romance has its challenges. However, if she is willing to commit to him as he is to her, he is confident that will be able to weather the ‘changing seasons’. 

So conclusively this is a romantic love song. And it isn’t so much focused on the singer’s adoration of the addressee as it is he trying to convince her to take the leap of love with him.

Did Michael Caesar write “Made to Fall in Love”?

This is actually a cover of a song, “Made to Fall in Love” by Bitty McLean, which originally came out in 2018. As such the credited writers are the same musicians which composed that track. And they are Bitty McLean alongside the well-known reggae duo Sly & Robbie (Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare).

Daniel Caesar’s version of the track came out, via Golden Child Recordings, on 13 May 2020. And it is part of his pair of “Spotify Singles” songs.

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