“Peaches” by Justin Bieber (ft. Daniel Caesar and Giveon)

What exactly the titular “peaches” refers to is never specified in the lyrics. But this is very much a love song. And all lyrics considered, it sounds as if the titular phrase is synonymous with the term ‘ladies’. 

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So in the chorus when the Biebs proclaims he has “peaches out in Georgia”, it appears to be another way of saying that he has romantic interests scattered about.

But of course somebody somewhere is going to argue that nay, whom Justin is rather alluding to is his wife, who by the way isn’t from Georgia. But truth be told, the lyrics of the verse, in mood at least, don’t actually conform to the chorus. 

In other words, to some listeners the Biebs may sound like a playa in the chorus. But the verses are rather centered more on a monogamous sort of vibe. 

Is Justin Bieber addressing Hailey?

And ultimately more to the overall point is how the vocalists at hand feel about the addressee, their respective significant other, as opposed to their own lifestyles per se. 

So when Bieber also states in the chorus that he ‘took his chick up to the north’, which we presume means from the United States to his homeland of Canada, perhaps he is in fact talking about Hailey.

So basically what we have here is one of those types of songs where each of the vocalists are given a verse to demonstrate how much they regard that special someone. 

The Biebs is especially enamored by his sweetheart’s “skin” and “touch”. And he expresses a desire to be with her “’til the end of time”. And this does in fact sound like marriage.

Daniel Caesar

Meanwhile Daniel Caesar finds himself separated from his significant other by a considerable amount of distance. The way his verse reads is as if this is a result of him being on the road, presumably due to his career.  So basically he is just reminding her – as well as the world at large – just how much he truly cares, i.e. being perturbed by her absence.


And Giveon comes off as if being in love is a new experience for him. Accordingly he has his misgivings at first but eventually gives in the feeling. And it reads as if he has ample experience out on the field and may have adjusted to such a lifestyle. But now that someone has truly laid claim to his heart he, like the Biebs in his verse, sounds as if he is prepared to settle down.


And again, whereas the verses may be sweet the chorus itself is a bit more brash, featuring references to “weed” and labeling the addressee a “bad-a-s b**ch” (i.e. attractive) and what have you. 

So it’s like the homeys want you to know that they’re in love. But at the same time they try to keep it ghetto, if you will, along the way.

Lyrics of "Peaches"

Release Date of “Peaches”

On 19 March 2021 this track became the fourth single released from “Justice”, Justin Bieber’s sixth-studio album. And the labels behind its issuance are as follows:

  • Def Jams Records
  • Universal Music Group
  • RBMG, Schoolboy Records
  • SB Projects

And the latter three entities on that list were either founded or co-founded by Scooter Braun, Bieber’s long-time manager.

Facts about “Peaches”

“Peaches” is Justin Bieber’s first outing with either Daniel Caesar or Giveon. Caesar, as with the Biebs, is from Up North. And Giveon, despite being from California, was to some extent put on by Drake, another artist from Canada.

This track was issued alongside an official music video which was directed by a name you’ll come across a lot in that regard, Colin Tilley.

Justin Bieber premiered this song at an event called an event called Tiny Desk, hosted by NPR (National Public Radio), on 17 March 2021.

The three vocalists wrote this song along with Watt, Felisha King, Louis Bell, Shndō and Harv, with the latter two artists also producing the track. 

In fact the way Harv, a musician from Kansas City, tells the story, he was able to produce the song by and large from a snippet of a melody the Biebs was playing on Instagram.

The singles which Justin Bieber and co. released from Justice prior to this one, respectively, are as follows:

And the album itself was released on the same day as “Peaches”.

Performance on the Charts

In addition to hitting number 1 in the US, “Peaches” also replicated the same feat in at least a dozen other countries.

United States of America#1
New Zealand#1
South Africa#1

Furthermore, it was also a huge success in the following major music markets:

Czech Republic#2
El Salvador#5
South Korea#2

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