“Mary’s Song (Oh My My My)” by Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s “Mary’s Song” recounts the romance story of how an old couple met in their childhood and stayed in love even as they matured. She tells the story from the perspective of the older woman, Mary, who narrates the memorable events that took place in their childhood and adult life, as well as the elements that sustained her relationship with her husband.

Taylor first presents an aging concept, which runs throughout the verses from when they were seven and nine years, to the outro where they expect to be 87 and 89, yet still in love. According to the narrator, their parents used to tease and joke about them as kids, probably never seeing a possibility of them actually being in love with each other. She paints a picture of them being very close childhood friends and neighbors, who may have even built a tree-house together in which they played. It is a common notion that when a young boy likes a girl he’s slightly older than, he often pretends to hate her, picks on her and sometimes even beats her up. The narrator uses this setting to describe them but the difference is that her lover never beat her because he actually cared for her.


The choruses of the song are based on two timelines; their teenage years and their wedding day. The first timeline, which is their teen years represent the time when their love had grown to the point that they knew they were meant for each other. It consists of their most beautiful memories of staying up late together as well as their first fights as a couple. In between these timelines, the narrator recalls how her partner proposed to her at a spot special to both of them.

The second chorus describes their wedding and how both of their families and the rest of the town were thrilled at their union. It appears they end up going back to the home near the treehouse they built as children, and welcome their babies at the same location they grew up. The song ends with Mary suggesting that their love will last a lifetime, and they’ll continue being in love till they take their last breath.

Inspiration behind “Mary’s Song”

Swift, discussing her songs with Fanpop, revealed an old couple who happened to be her next-door neighbors inspired “Mary’s Song”. She explained that the couple once visited her home for dinner and shared the story of how they’ve been in love since they were young kids and been married for such a long time. She further stated that though it was much easier for her to find many songs and real-life examples about breakups and cheating, she was comforted she had found a living example of “forever love” right next to her home.

Lyrics of “Mary’s Song”


“Mary’s Song (Oh My My My)” tells the beautiful love story in which the couple grow alongside their love for each other and successfully remain together into old age against all odds.

Quick Facts about “Mary’s Song”

Taylor Swift had help writing this song in the form of Brian Maher and Liz Rose. And the track was produced by her regular collaborator, Nathan Chapman.

This is the eighth song on the playlist of Taylor’s self-titled maiden album.  And the track was released by Big Machine Records with the album on 24 October 2016.

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