“False God” by Taylor Swift

There have been different theories put forth concerning the meaning of Taylor Swift’s “False God”, all pointing to real-life events or people in Swift’s life. And considering that it is indeed a love song, the prevailing one is that it is based on her love affair with actor Joe Alwyn. More specifically the idea is supposed to be that she is referring to him as the titular character.

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However, it is made abundantly clear that the “false god” Taylor is referring to is actually the “love” she and her partner have for each other. In other words, she likens their commitment to this romance to that of a religious devotee to his deity. And apparently the reason for such symbolism is that the singer herself is to some extent concerned by how deeply they are in love, as in how much they revere the relationship and are into each other.

But for the most part, Swift seems to be using religious-based imagery to celebrate their union. For instance, she states that when they are physically intimate, it is like “heaven”. But she also acknowledges that when they fight, it is tantamount to her going through “hell”.

Another metaphor Swift uses is likening their decision to get involved, despite knowing that staying together would be a challenge, to being “led by blind faith”. In fact one of the premises of this track is that she and her lover took a big risk by committing themselves to this relationship in the first place.  Moreover it would appear that another reason she is now concerned is because his feelings are waning. But for the most part, considering that their romance is indeed their “religion”, she seems to be confident that it will persist.

"False God" lyrics

Release Date

“False God” is the 13th track on Taylor’s hit Lover album, which came out on 23 August 2019. The labels behind its publication are Republic Records and Swift’s own Taylor Swift Productions.

Writing Credits of “False God”

The song was written and produced by Taylor Swift. She did both the writing and producing with Jack Antonoff (who wrote and co-produced several songs on Lover).

Taylor Swift



“During the period when I found myself alone in quarantine a few years ago, Taylor’s ‘False God’ had a profound impact on me. With more time to myself then, I was able to truly immerse myself in the song’s essence. It quickly became one of my favorite songs. What sets it apart is its distinctive quality, diverging from Swift’s usual repertoire over the years. As a jazz enthusiast, it comes as no surprise that this song won my heart. It left me yearning for a future where Taylor Swift explores the jazz genre, offering us an entire album infused with the same captivating vibe.”


“In my personal view, ‘False God’ stands as the pinnacle of Taylor Swift’s discography. Its remarkable introduction, captivating beat, and laid-back rhythm create an enchanting experience. What truly sets it apart is the mature aura it exudes, which is truly amazing. It is unfortunate that songs like this one from her repertoire are not widely recognized. Often, she is perceived solely as the ‘Shake It Off’ girl, but I am deeply drawn to her exploration of darker themes. I had the opportunity to see her perform this song on the second day of her The Eras Tour in East Rutherford, New Jersey. The crowd’s overwhelming energy was simply mind-blowing. It was evident that everyone present shared an intense love for this song.”


“Despite not being a fan of jazz or R&B, I find Taylor Swift’s soft voice on ‘False God’ to be quite pleasing. One aspect that resonates with me is how the song revolves around the concept of remaining in love with someone even during moments of anger or misunderstanding. It beautifully captures the complexities of relationships. Additionally, towards the end of the song, there is an intriguing sound that, upon careful listening, seems to whisper ‘I love you’ while being altered to resemble a beat. Whether this effect is real or a product of my imagination, it remains my favorite part of the song. It adds a layer of intrigue and further enhances my appreciation for her artistry.”


“As I continue to listen to ‘False God’, my love for it grows. I do appreciate the incorporation of the saxophone, as it complements the melody and tempo flawlessly but I can’t help but feel that the mixing gives it a hollow sound, as if it was recorded in a confined space. It would be fantastic to hear the sax brought forward in the mix, resembling the rich sax solo found at the end of Phil Collins’ “One More Night.” Nonetheless, this song still holds its position as the standout track on the album, further highlighting Taylor and Jack Antonoff’s prowess as exceptional songwriters.”

JOE says:

“When ‘False God’ was released in August of 2019, I must admit that it wasn’t appealing to me at all. However, after immersing myself in the entire ‘Lover’ album and listening to it a number of times, my appreciation for the song grew. Somehow, the song has become my absolute favorite on the album. Its distinctiveness, smoothness, and sultriness, create a unique vibe that is enhanced by the captivating combination of beats, saxophone, and Taylor’s flawless vocals. I simply can’t get enough of it. In fact, I find myself yearning for more songs like this from her, as it showcases a side of her artistry that I know many of her fans will adore.”

ROBBIE says:

“Only a few months ago, I had the pleasure of discovering Taylor’s ‘False God’, and it immediately captured my heart. The infusion of jazz into its composition sets it apart and creates a truly remarkable experience. Its satisfying and relaxing nature makes it feel like the perfect soundtrack for a deluxe French restaurant. Interestingly, I initially believed it to be a new release, only to discover that it was actually released in 2019. Perhaps I’m not as up-to-date as I used to be, or it could be that it has remained underrated despite its undeniable charm. Either way, it has become a beloved gem for me.”

AMA D. SMITH says:

“Despite being 68 and a fan of old school music, I thoroughly enjoy ‘False God’ along with most of the songs on Taylor’s ‘Lover’ album. I love the sound of the saxophone. Its inclusion in the song adds an extra layer of delight. I currently reside in Minneapolis, and I am eagerly anticipating her performance in the U.S. Bank Stadium this June. While I have already secured my tickets, it would truly sadden me if she chooses not to perform ‘False God’ during the show. Undoubtedly, the song stands out as the finest track on her ‘Lover’ album from 2019.”

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