Meaning of “6.18.18” by Billie Eilish

As can be noticed from the onset, the title of this track is actually a date – June 18, 2018. This was the day upon which a close friend and role model of Billie’s, the late rapper XXXTentacionwas murdered.  As such, she wrote and dedicated this song to him in the wake of that tragedy.

The track starts off with Billie acknowledging that indeed her friend is dead. Owing to this, she no longer has the opportunity to express words to him that she wanted him to hear.  She is of course devastated but understands that her love is not going to bring him back.

The chorus finds Billie desiring to put the past behind her as in accept the fact that her friend is dead and move on. However, thoughts of him permeate her thinking, and she still very much loves XXXTentacion.

6.18.18 lyrics

The second verse is based on Eilish being in direct communication with XXXTentacion around the time he died. Apparently she had sent him a message and was expecting a reply but instead came to find out that he was murdered. This news affected her so strongly that she needed assistance to get home upon hearing it. And now she feels a sense of guilt in that she was not able to tell her friend goodbye.

Additionally, the bridge finds Billie expressing that they are too young to die. Indeed XXXTentacion didn’t even reach the age of 21, which is a fact Eilish brings up in the song. And she once again alludes to the monumental grief she felt by stating that she almost prayed when he died. But apparently her disbelief in God prevented her from doing such.

Ultimately the sentiment expressed throughout this song is not only one of mourning but also disappointment on the part of Billie in that she did not use the opportunity to tell a friend how much she cared while he was still around to hear those words.

19 Responses

  1. Liyah says:

    The background vocals on the second verse sound like him

  2. Dude says:

    its cuz her brother finneas was back up singing

  3. celena says:

    this is sad asf

  4. killua says:

    best song ever even tho i cried the whole time

  5. Andrea says:

    finneas was singing in the background also thats why lmao

  6. jgsnkf says:

    i love billie i feel so bad for her and the meaning in this song makes me cry every time i hear it

  7. Anonymous says:

    What’s the 27 club? we aint makin it past 21

    • Anonymous says:

      it means he didn’t even make it to the age of 21

    • That guy says:

      Lil’ Peep, XXXTentacion and Juice Wrld, who next? really not making it past 21 ): ):

      What’s the 27 club? We ain’t makin’ it past 21. I’ve been going through paranoia, so i always gotta keep a gun.
      Damn, that’s the world we live in now. Yeah, hold on, just hear me out.
      They tell me imma be a legend, i don’t want that title now. ‘Cause all the legends seem to die out, what the f is this ’bout?

  8. ~Moon_of_Stars~ says:

    Such a tragedy…so sad. *cries* =´(

  9. Angelece Lay (8328354119) says:

    We all love you Billie ? and all your fans are here to support you, don’t give up please, and keep ur head up?

  10. Anonymous says:

    I legit cried during this song.
    I know how much he means to her.

  11. Anonymous says:

    This Song is so sad! Its meaning makes me cry! It is really important song.

  12. Mad's says:

    this happened on my 9th birthday

  13. Sharon says:

    This song is so beautiful and so sad I actually felt the pain. A truly beautiful expression of love and loss ♥️

  14. Arabella says:

    Oh my god. This song is perfect and beautiful and sad and amazing all on one. I play this song when writing sad scenes in my current book and I swear it gets me crying and in the mood ever single time.

  15. Jazlyn ???? says:

    its been 5 years since jahseh has passed away what hurts most is how the child him & jenesis sanchez shared together won’t even be able to see his father besides pictures it hurts because the industry took him out as well he was a touching spirit no one can understand that .

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