Meaning Of “Empty Space” by James Arthur

“Empty Space” is a heartbreak song by the English singer James Arthur. Arthur gained international stardom after winning the ninth season The X Factor in 2012. Six years after that feat, Arthur dropped this single (his tenth).

The “empty space” that Arthur is referring to in this song is a void that has been left in his heart, indeed his entire life, due to being separated from his lover. To make matters worse he has adopted a number of potentially-damaging solutions to help him deal with the pain. For instance, as the song begins, he outright denies missing his love, even though he knows this feeling isn’t genuine.

He also goes as far as to start a relationship with someone he describes as a “stranger” and gives the impression that he has engaged in alcoholism. The music video for the track even culminates in a car crash, thus illustrating how truly depressed the singer has become due to losing his unforgettable partner.

Ultimately, as far as the song’s lyrics go, he admits and acknowledges that this heartbreak is actually his own fault.

What has James Arthur said about this song?

Arthur himself has said that “Empty Space” “is for anyone who has ever deeply loved and lost someone dear to them and is then faced with the struggle of trying to fill that void”.  Arthur also added that the song is about finally understanding that only that special person can fill the void of the empty space they left. This means that despite the song’s lyrics insinuating a breakup, the singer could also be referring to the death of his significant other.


The music video above for “Empty Space” was directed by Andzej Gavriss. It stars actor English actor Tom Felton of Harry Porter fame. In the video, Tom plays the role of a heartbroken man whose lover has left him. Throughout the video, he deeply reminisces about he and his ex-girlfriend in happier times.

Quick Facts about “Empty Space”

  • Arthur co-penned this song with three renowned songwriters. The writers in question are Pablo Bowman, Digital Farm Animals and Richard Boardman.
  • In addition to co-writing this track, Digital Farm Animals also co-produced it with two other producers: Dan Priddy and Mark Crew.
  • “Empty Space” was officially released by Arthur’s label on October 19, 2018 as a single.
  • Upon its release in October, “Empty Space” became Arthur’s second single as lead artist in 2018. His first for the year in question was “You Deserve Better”.

Which album can “Empty Space” be found on?

As of November 2018, it cannot be found on any album. However, it is highly likely it would appear on Arthur’s third studio album.


6 Responses

  1. amybeth says:

    do u think he was actually talking about God?

  2. arianaaa says:

    This hits close to home.

  3. Anonymous says:

    This was my homies favorite song to play on car rides. Now he became my empty space

  4. anon says:

    what does mean “looking for love in a stranger’s bed” ? about making love or something? please answer

    • Dean says:

      I have the view that it might mean that he is sleeping around with a stranger looking to fill that void that was left but ultimately the only person who could fill that empty space is the one he is singing about. I had a friend who I played this too and when I sent the song they instantly connected with it especially the part about looking for love in a strangers bed and that no matter how much they tried sleeping around looking for that void to be filled it wasn’t possible. this is my view on It but I may be wrong.

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