“Christmas Bells” by James Arthur

Yes, this is in fact a Yuletide song in that the featured narrative is set exclusively during the holiday season. But this is not the type of tune one would play while the family is gathered around the Christmas tree, as it isn’t a celebration of the holiday. To the contrary, said season actually has the vocalist in a funk, as this time of year in particular reminds him of his ex. And as implied by the third verse said individual, who is the addressee, left him sometime in the past during this same period, i.e. late December.

So while “Christmas bells ring out” and mistletoes are being hung and everyone is getting their festivities on, James himself is rather depressed. Or most simply explained he is romantically heartbroken, being the victim of a dumping. And said dumping, by the looks of things, happened during Christmastime, now making the previously joyful holiday season one of lament for him personally.

James Arthur's "Christmas Bells" Lyrics

“Christmas Bells”

The official release date of “Christmas Bells” was 3 December 2021.

At the time of the song’s release, it wasn’t actually associated with any album. By the looks of things it is a standalone single, and it is not associated with James “It’ll All Make Sense in the End” project. This projects is the studio album James Arthur put out in early November 2021.

Christmas Bells

James Arthur

James Arthur is a singer from England who put out his first album, an independent joint entitled “Sins by the Seas”, in 2011. But he didn’t blow up until the following year, after winning the ninth season of the popular British reality TV competition The X Factor

He then proceeded to drop three studio albums during the 2010s that were actually backed by major labels – “James Arthur” (2013), “Back from the Edge” (2016) and “You” (2019). And all of his labeled releases thus far, including “It’ll All Make Sense in the End”, scored within the top three of the UK Albums Chart.

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  1. Wesley Williams says:

    Love the cheeky hidden lyric ‘s#*te’ that the audience is meant to fill in in place of ‘tune’. Genius.

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