“The Power of Love” by Dalton Harris (featuring James Arthur)

“The Power of Love” is a 2018 hit single by Jamaican singer and winner of the 2018 version of the British TV music competition, The X Factor, Dalton Harris. The song also features the vocals of English singer and songwriter, James Arthur. The latter also won the 9th series of The X Factor in 2012.

“The Power of Love” is actually a cover of the 1984 hit single of the same name by the English band Frankie Goes to Hollywood. According to Holly Johnson (one of the co-writers of the original song), he felt the song had the power to save him in this life. Why? Because to him, “there is a biblical aspect to its spirituality and passion; the fact that love is the only thing that matters in the end.” For more information on the original version of this song, please follow this link.

Lyrics of "The Power of Love"
Dalton Harris and James Arthur performing “The Power of Love” live on The X Factor.

Facts about “The Power of Love”

  • Neither Dalton Harris nor James Arthur contributed to the writing of this track. The song was written by members of Frankie Goes to Hollywood around 1983.
  • Music producer Graham Stack produced this cover version. However, the original was produced by the renowned producer Trevor Horn.
  • The release date of this version of “The Power of Love” was December 2, 2018.
  • Harris released this song few days after being crowned winner of the 2018 X Factor competition. The song was so popular it hit the UK charts at No. 4. This feat gave Harris his first top 10 hit in the UK. As for Arthur, this is the fifth top 10 UK single of his career. In Scotland, the song reached number one.
  • Harris isn’t the only artist to have released a successful cover of this track. For example, English singer Gabrielle Aplin released a massively successful cover of this track in 2012. Her version peaked at number in 1 in the UK.

Is there a music video for this duet?

As of the date of the writing and publishing of this article, the song has no official music video.

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