Meaning of “Expectations” by Lauren Jauregui

“Expectations” is a single by American singer Lauren Jauregui of Fifth Harmony fame. The song tells the story of a romantic relationship in which one of the partners doesn’t love the other very much. The other partner, who is doing more of the loving, tries everything within their power to make the relationship better but fails.

The lyrics of “Expectations” could also be said to be about a person ‘expecting’ more affection and appreciation from his/her lover and being disappointed of not receiving such.

Inspiration behind the song

Rapper Ty Dolla $ign was one of the inspirations behind this track. Jauregui revealed this in an interview with BAZAAR. Ty and Lauren Jaregui began dating somewhere in 2017.

In another interview she had with Rolling Stone, she said the song was about having your heart broken over and over again by an unfaithful lover. However, she didn’t make it clear who that unfaithful partner was. One thing is for sure, that dishonest lover is certainly not Ty since at the time of the release of the track, Jauregui was still in a happy relationship with him.

FYI: Being that Jauregui is openly bisexual, the “partner”she’s talking about could also be a woman.

Facts about “Expectations”

  • The official release date for this track was 24 October 2018. It was released by three record labels, including Columbia Records and Sony Music.
  • Expectations” is Jauregui’s debut track as a solo artist.
  • Jauregui wrote this song all by herself. According to her, she wrote the entire song in just 30 minutes. If this isn’t unbelievable, please tell us what is!
  • This track was produced by English musician Kid Harpoon. Harpoon also played guitar on this tune.
  • “Expectations” is the first solo track of Jauregui’s career.


Did Lauren Jauregui shoot a music video for “Expectations”?

Yes, she did. It was uploaded to YouTube by Jauregui on the same day the track was released. The clip garnered over one million views, 23,000 comments and almost 200,000 likes in just 24 hours. The video, which was shot entirely in black-and-white, was directed by Lauren Dunn. You can watch it below.


Which album does “Expectations” appear on?

It will appear on her debut studio album. Her second solo single “More Than That” will also appear on that same album.

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