“Strangers” by Halsey Ft. Lauren Jauregui

“Strangers” by Halsey and Lauren Jauregui is an “LGBTQ love song” that chronicles the angst between two lesbian lovers. Their anxiety is based on being partakers in a romance that has failed from an emotional standpoint. In other words, it is lacking in genuine love. For instance, they lay accusations against each other that all the other person is interested in is physical intimacy. Yet each one claims from a personal standpoint that it is actually the emotional connection that they miss.

The lovers greatly miss each other’s companionship and love. Owing to this, they don’t consider themselves lovers anymore. They see themselves as more of “strangers” to each other than lovers.

Lyrics of "Strangers"

Facts about “Strangers”

  •  “Strangers” was officially released on 26 May 2017 through Astralwerks.
  • It was teased on 29 April 2017, when Halsey released the track list of “Hopeless Fountain Kingdom” on Instagram.
  • The song charted in a number of countries, including the United States, Australia and the Philippines.
  • “Strangers” went gold in Brazil. What this means is that the song certifiably sold at least 20,000 copies in that country.
  • This song is based on a romance between two women, in other words lesbians. It is perceived by some (including Halsey) as a mainstream breakthrough for the entire gay community.
  • Halsey, who is known to be bisexual, intentionally chose Lauren Jauregui as a collaborator on this track due largely to Jauregui’s bisexuality.
  • “Strangers” was written by Halsey and Greg Kurstin, who also produced the track. Jauregui didn’t partake in the composing of the track.

Which Halsey album is “Strangers” on?

The song is the 11th track on Halsey’s second studio-recorded album Hopeless Fountain Kingdom.

Did Halsey release this as a single?

No. Hopeless Fountain Kingdom only produced three singles. This track wasn’t one of the trio of singles from that album. Here are the singles in question: “Now or Never”, “Bad at Love” and “Alone”.

What has Halsey said about this song?

In one interview, Halsey referred to “Strangers” as a love song made “for the LQBTQ community”.

Is this song the first collaboration between Halsey and Lauren Jauregui?

Yes. Had it not been for this song, Halsey and Jauregui had never worked together before.

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